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Population of the region

Population of the Samara region

  • 36,4 %
  • 22 %
  • 20,2 %
  • 21,4 %
    Other cities

Able-bodied population

  • 55,9 %
    Of working age
  • 26,6 %
    Over working age
  • 17,5 %
    Younger than working age

4th place

Among the regions of the Volga Federal District by population

3.2 million people

Population (2.2% of the population of the Russian Federation)

1.8 million people

Able-bodied population

61,9 %

Employment rate of the population

12th place

By population in the Russian Federation

3rd place

By the level of average monthly wages in the Volga Federal District

Samara region: availability of qualified personnel

37 %

Share of highly qualified employees


Higher education institutions

19 thousand/year

Graduation of top-level specialists, including technical specialties


Institutions of secondary vocational education

12 thousand/year

Graduation of mid-level specialists

Key universities

Samara National Research University S.P. Koroleva

Samara State Technical University

Samara State Medical University

Togliatti State University