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В России утвержден новый региональный инвестиционный стандарт

Russia approves new regional investment standard

The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia has approved methodological recommendations for creating an investment map of the constituent entities and introducing a set of investment rules. These are instruments of a new regional investment standard that will increase the competitiveness of the Russian jurisdiction.

An investment map will be created in each region based on available services with topographic data, information about infrastructure, investment sites, preferential regimes and benefits.

Subjects optimize the path and terms for connecting to the infrastructure in accordance with the set of investment rules, based on their specifics. Algorithms for water and electricity supply, obtaining land plots, building permits and commissioning were developed jointly with the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Construction and Rosreestr. In 2022, relevant departments will present new algorithms for connecting to heat and gas supply, road infrastructure, as well as optimal ways to obtain support measures, including the number of documents and the time frame for consideration of applications.

«Standardization of work will allow attracting funds for new projects, shortening the period of their launch and increasing revenues to regional budgets. We are talking not only about Russian investors, but also foreign ones. Indeed, one of the tasks of the new standard is to increase the competitiveness of the Russian jurisdiction», - said First Deputy Minister of Economic Development Andrei Ivanov.

Read the order of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia dated December 8, 2021. No. 737 can be found here.

To learn more about the current programs and measures of state support for the implementation of investment projects in the Samara region, contact the specialists of the Agency for attracting investments of the Samara region by phone +7 (846) 375 03 05


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