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Territory of advanced social and economic development "Chapaevsk"



11,4 rub bln.

planned total investment in projects

⩾ 4,5 housand of jobs

planned number of jobs

TASED "Chapaevsk" - an economic zone with preferential tax conditions, simplified administrative procedures and other privileges in Russia, created for attracting investments, accelerating economic development and improving the life of the population.

Tax incentives for residents of TASED "Chapaevsk"

            Income Tax                                Property Tax                        Land Tax                      
5 years        
6-10 years   
for 10 years  
for 10 years

Basic conditions for obtaining the status of a resident of TASED "Chapaevsk"

for new organizations -
⩾ 10 jobs

for existing organizations -
⩾ 10 jobs, but not less the average number of employees for the last 3 years.

The volume of capital investments in the project during the first year:

⩾2.5 million
($ 34K)

Investor benefits

  • Preferential rates for taxes on profits, land, property
  • Getting additional business support
  • Ready-made investment platforms
  • Operational interaction with government bodies
  • Guarantee of stable and safe work of investors
  • All projects are supervised by the Ministry of Economic Development of the JI

Anchor resident


Постановление Правительства Самарской области "Об обеспечении функционирования территории опережающего социально-экономического развития, созданной на территории монопрофильного муниципального образования (моногорода) Самарской области" № 658 от 21.11.2016

Постановление Правительства РФ о создании территории опережающего социально-экономического развития «Чапаевск» №126