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Togliatti Special Economic Zone

660 Ha

The total area of the plot



13 companies

Enterprises have been launched

11 companies

They are in the active construction phase

TOP 10 V national rating of investment

the attractiveness of the SEZ - 2021

An industrial site for the implementation of major projects, on the territory of which a special regime of entrepreneurial activity is carried out, offering favorable benefits, preferences and state support.

"Despite the difficult situation associated with the coronavirus pandemic, in 2020 the Togliatti SEZ showed excellent results in terms of resident investments over the past five years. Implemented projects grew not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively - companies that have been working on the site for a long time have invested in development, which means they have confidence in the future for their business in this territory."

Dmitry Bogdanov
Minister of Economic Development and Investment
Samara region

Advantages for the investor

Special administrative regime

State guarantees

The right to purchase land

"One Window" system

The right to purchase land at a discounted price

14 675 rub/ha

Land rent

73 375 rub/ha

Land value

Ready-made engineering infrastructure

Free connection to utilities: gas, electricity and water supply.

Customs privileges

The regime of the free customs zone allows you to place high-tech enterprises profitably.

Tax preferences

Preferential rates for taxes on income, land, property and transport.

Guarantee of stable and safe work of investors

All projects are supervised by the Ministry of Economic Development of the SO.

Tax benefits

Free customs zone regime

Duty-free import of equipment, raw materials and supplies to the territory of the SEZ.

Duty-free export of finished goods outside the Customs Union (export).

Industrial infrastructure

250 000 m2/hour

gas supply

180 MW

power supply

7 300 m2 day

water supply

Free connection

7 300 m2 day

treatment facilities

40 000 м2/day

storm sewer

до 30% thousand

savings on capital construction