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«The Electroshield Samara Group is a leading Russian manufacturer of electric equipment, a part of the international company SchneiderElectric, a recognized leader in the field of energy management and automation. Acquisition of “SC “Electroshield” – TM Samara” CJSC became one of the most important strategic decisions for SchneiderElectriс. Our company plans active development on the territory of the region in long term. An international engineering center opened in 2015 will allow to develop faster and to become more attractive to customers».
Brisset Eric Bernard,
President of Electroshield Samara

Success story Electroshield Samara

Starting from 2013, “SC “Electroshield” – TM Samara” CJSC has been a part of one of the largest multinational corporations Schneider Electric - a global leader in the power and automation management. Schneider Electriс operates successfully in more than 100 countries around the world. The company offers integrated energy efficient solutions for energy and infrastructure, industrial enterprises, civil and residential construction facilities, as well as data centers.

After deciding on the production location on the territory of Russia, the choice of region for Schneider Electric was obvious. The corporation was interested in acquiring the company, which was already known on the Russian market. By 2013 “SC “Electroshield” – TM Samara” CJSC was one of the largest companies in the field of production of electrical equipment, with offices both in other regions and abroad. Moreover, the company was distinguished by an established logistics system and interaction with energy networks, which made this strategic investment extremely important for Schneider Electric.

Today, The Electroshield Samara  Group is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of electrical equipment and continues to operate under its own brand having undergone an update. The company manufactures electrical products from 0.4 to 220 kV: complete switchgears, transformer substations, high-voltage electrical apparatus, power and instrument transformers, vacuum circuit breakers, etc. More than half of the products are manufactured by individual orders for solving complex problems of Russian and world power industry.

According to experts, currently, more than one third of all electrical products on the Russian market is made by “SC “Electroshield” – TM Samara” CJSC, which employs about 5,500 employees. The company plans to further increase its presence in the region, as evidenced by the opening of an international engineering center in 2015, bringing together more than 300 engineers and designers, and the start of a number of projects on expanding and upgrading the product line.