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«The Samara Region has exclusive geographical position, its logistics advantages allow to make our enterprise the center of auto parts production in Russia».
Ludwig Bahle,
General Manager of Robert Bosch Samara LLC

Success story Robert Bosch GmbH

On July 31, 2013, the German company Robert Bosch GmbH, a manufacturer of cutting-edge high-tech products signed an investment memorandum with the Government of the Samara Region, on the launch of production of auto parts in the region: steering racks for cars and stability control systems ABS and ESP.

The company decided to locate its production in the “Preobrazhenka” industrial park, which is equipped with all necessary infrastructure and meeting the modern production requirements. The opening ceremony of the plant Robert Bosch Samara LLC was held on July 2, 2015, and the first batch of products was released soon afterwards.

According to representatives of Robert Bosch Samara LLC, the Samara Region is a very attractive region for the German company. In this case, the fact that the plant receives full support from the Government of the Samara Region creating the conditions for its further development is especially significant. Moreover, the educational system of the region provides for highly qualified specialists, and its logistics capacity – an access to new markets. So in 2016, Robert Bosch Samara LLC established cooperation with a number of countries in Europe and Asia confirming the intention of Bosch group to develop in the region in the long term once again.