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Samara State Agrarian University

Today, a university is a federal state educational institution of higher professional education. Academics, professors work here for the benefit of agriculture, graduate school is open, highly qualified teaching staff train specialists in several areas and specialties.

Togliatti State University

Is the leading backbone university for a variety of industrial branches, where the Samara region and the Volga region occupy the leading positions. It is the city-forming university. Today the Togliatti State University is the educational, research and cultural center that defines the city development vector.

Samara State University of Social Science and Education (SGSPU)

Is a federal state public educational organization of higher education located in Samara. This is the oldest higher educational institution in the Samara region. And today it is one of the largest universities in the Volga region with 10 departments, 8 interdepartmental units and 20 laboratories. More than 7000 students study and more than 1000 teachers work at this university.

Samara State Economic University

is the Russian university of economics. Today it implements the development concept of a business university of the Volga region, where education and research are closely related to practice and aimed at satisfying the demand of the Volga region economy.

Samara State Medical University

Is the state-financed educational institution of higher professional education. Today the University is an up-to-date multilevel system of continuous training of specialists with higher medical, pharmaceutical, economic and humanitarian education starting from institutions of general education and up to the doctorate.

Samara State Technical University (Politekh)

Is one of 11 regional Base Universities of Russia. It was united with the Samara State University on Architecture and Construction. Politech today is the largest technopolis in the Volga region that celebrated its 100 anniversary in 2014. The whole era of engineering education startup and development in the Samara region and nearby regions is connected with this university. Today the innovative infrastructure of Politekh is represented by educational and engineering centers that were established together with foreign leading producers of the corresponding research and industrial equipment.

Korolev Samara National Research University (Samara University)

Is the Russian educational and researching center in the sphere of aerospace technologies. It was created by uniting two leading Samara universities – the Samara State Aerospace University and the Samara State University. Since 2013 the University participates in the program of increasing competitiveness of Russian universities among world leading academic centers. Samara University students (in partnership with the missile space center “RKC “Progress”) develop satellites and launch them in space.