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Cost: from 3 950 Rub
62 A, Eniseyskaya St, Samara
The up-to-date center in the metropolis has its own effective natural health factors obtained on its own territory (radium emanation water concentrate, sulfide mineral water of medium mineralization, therapeutic table mineral water) and also the most effective imported health factors (therapeutic muds and other heating factors), an excellent instrumental physiotherapy base including new physiotherapy complexes and systems produced in Russia and abroad.   

Chkalov Health Camp

Cost: from 2 350 Rub
9th Proseka St, Barboshina Polyana (Polyana Frunze), Samara
It is located in Samara, in a picturesque place at the bank of the river Volga (Barboshina Polyana). For more than 50 years the specialists of this health camp treat and rehabilitate cardiologic patients after heart surgeries and acute myocardial infarctions. Here the patients can get rehabilitation courses after blood-strokes, also there are rehabilitation programs for neurologic patients after acute cerebrovascular diseases. Brest pang, idiopathic hypertensia, cardiac dysrhythmia and cardiac conduction patients can also get rest, treatment and rehabilitation here. 

Sergievskie Mineralnye Vody

Cost: from 2 200 Rub
63, Sovietskaya St, Sergievsky district, the Samara Region
It is located in the town Sernovodsk, 120 km from the city Samara and 12 km from the town Sergievsk, at the height of 95 m above sea level. The Sernovodsk highlands are beautifully bordered with heath rivers. In combination with birch woods and oak woods the local landscape is particularly nice. Local sulfur water and lake mud is used for treatment since ancient times and it is recorded in the documents dated by even 1626.

“Nadezhda” Health Camp

Cost: from 2 200 Rub
Lesoparkovoe Shosse St, Togliatti
Advantageous natural and climatic conditions and landscape features, as well as the historical monuments make this place unique. An important transport hub is located here, excursion routes through the city and the tourist route “Zhiguli Circumnavigation” include this area. The ski-runs, foot-walks and cycle lanes are developed here. The “Nadezhda” yacht club welcomes the guests, there is a developed city beach in a walking distance, the Moscow-Samara highway is also nearby. The distance to Samara is 100 km, the distance to the Kurumoch International Airport is 40 km.

“Yantar” Health Camp

Cost: from 2 730 Rub
16, Dzerzhinsky St, Novokuybyshevsk, the Samara Region
It is located in an advantageous ecologic zone in the town Volzhsky, 10 km from Novokuybyshevsk and 30 km from Samara. There are woods and a lake nearby, so rest here is comfortable and healthy. One can pass a whole complex of health programs here.

“Russky Bor” Health Camp

Cost: from 2 000 Rub
Togliatti Green Zone
It is located at the picturesque left bank of the river Volga, in the city Togliatti in its parkland area. It was founded in 1972 and was totally reconstructed in 2009. It is convenient to get there from main transport hubs – Samara (100 km) and Kurumoch airport (40 km).

“Krasnaya Glinka” Health Camp

Cost: from 3 000 Rub
“Yuzhny Town” district, Samara
It is located 35 km from the center of the city Samara, at the high bank of the river Volga, in the ecologically clear area with mild climate. There is a borehole with mineral water with unique therapeutic features at the territory. According to the chemical results the “Krasnoglinskaya” water has optimal balance of silver and other elements.

“Stavropol” Health Camp

Cost: from 3 000 Rub
Togliatti Green Zone
This is a single 6-storied complex with a residential, a medical and an administrative block, a dining hall, a phyto bar, a cinema, a pool, a winter garden, a sauna, a fitness center, a poolhall, a bar and a beauty shop.