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Churchill Bar

Average bill: 1 500 Rub. 14, Lenin St Samara. Style, solidity, sophistication – these are the epithets to describe the atmosphere at this restaurant in Samara. It has an excellent location for business-lunch, family holiday, business dinner or a romantic date, if you want to enjoy your time at an elite restaurant with luxurious interior and try dishes of traditional English cuisine in a modern understanding.


Average bill: 1 500 Rub.
59, Solnechnaya St, Samara.
Gallant Russia of the XIX century prevails in this restaurant: elegant interior and traditional Russian dishes a la francaise. Gloss and chic of the century before last perfectly fits for romantic dates, weddings, banquets. A business-lunch in such an atmosphere diverts mind from weekdays fuss.

Mr. Hadson

Average bill: 1 000 Rub.
Maksim Gorky St, Samara
The Mr. Hadson restaurant is located in the historical part of the city at the old part of the Volga embankment. Its wide room of 700 square meters for 250 persons with original cuisine, premium class service, the professional stage and unique technical equipment is the stand-alone place in the Samara region.


Average bill: 3 500 Rub.
43, Galaktionovskaya St, Samara.
The BACCO network restaurants without exaggeration are known all over the world. The first of them was opened in Berlin more than 40 years ago. And today you can enjoy the chef mastery and feel like a guest of the real palazzo at Cyprus, Mediterranean coast, in Italy and… in Samara! “Bacco” is the favorite European restaurant in Samara for European gourmands, and the wine cart won’t keep even a real devotee indifferent.

Staraya Pristan

Average bill: 1 000 Rub.
41, Ulyanovsky Spusk St, Samara.
The interior of “Staraya Pristan” is designed in the best merchant traditions of past centuries. Here the magnificence and mystery of the Russian history prevail. The restaurant menu is includes the original native Russian recipes: borsch with home-made rye onion bread, threefold sturgeon fish broth, excellent Siberia pelmeni, aspic, shashlik cooked on an open fire, Volga live fish and many other traditional dishes.

Harat’s pub

Average bill: 500 Rub.
2, site 1, Datchnaya St, Samara.
The main trademark of the Harat’s Pub is the bar counter, the philosophy of no waiters in the room and plane menu. Harat’s is a unique place due to its pub atmosphere and the guests feeling free.

Russkaya Ohota

Average bill: 2 000 Rub.
54, Gagarin St, Samara.
This restaurant is unique for the city. Its peculiarity is in fusion of two conceptions – a hunters’ restaurant with its atmosphere of a Hunter club, hunter stuff and wild fowl dishes and a beer restaurant with its own brewery and an easy-going atmosphere.

Skryabin restaurant

Average bill: 1 000 Rub.
23, Lesnaya St, Samara
The restaurant with unique views enjoys the pride of place honor at the Osipenko embankment. Skryabin is a three-deck floating restaurant with wonderful atmosphere of 20-30s. Pleasant views to the Volga river and cozy interiors create special atmosphere of easy-going rest by the water.

Tri Olenya

Average bill:  1 500 Rub.
2b, Moskovskoe Shosse St
It is a beer restaurant in Samara that always has something special for its guests: discounts and competitions, concerts of domestic bands and Russian stars, plus fabulous dishes and drinks.


Average bill: 1 500 Rub.
90, Kommunisticheskaya St
We work hard, but always find time to meet our friends, as it gives an opportunity to take a breath of freedom and feel happy. One of the best places for all that is PEOPLE’S.