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Strukovsky Park

Samara, 2 Krasnoarmeiskaya Street
Strukovsky Park is the oldest park in the city. Its territory does not boast a multitude of fun rides, but is more suited for quiet walks — all in a place that used to be adjacent to the Volga waterfront.

Park Druzhby

Samara, Sovetsky District, 118 Gagarin Street.
In the center of the park is the building of the former cinema “Druzhba”n now a multi0functional entertainment center. The park is equipped with benches, is houses a private club, sales outlets, and a “Russian Mountain” fun ride. Every year the park hosts sports events including skiing and running marathons.

Yuri Gagarin Park

Samara, Promyshlenny District, Moskovskoe Shosse, XXII Partsyezd Street, Stara Zagora Street, Sovetskoy Armii Street.
The Yuri Gagarin Culture and Recreation Park combines numerous leisure facilities, a lake with swans, a mass skating rink for the winter time and a sports playground for the summer, and numerous summer cafes. The visitors are also welcome to look at military equipment of the period of the Great Patriotic War.

Metallurg Park

Samara, Kirovsky District, 39 Taskhentsky Pereulok
The Park has an area of children’s attractions (both permanent and seasonal), a zone of attractions for adults, a walking area, summer cafes, an area for festivals and concerts, and a pond.

Zagorodny Park of Samara

Samara, 1 Proseka, 42
The Central Culture and Recreation Park (Zagorodny Park) is a local natural preserve: it has oaks that are growing for 100+ years, rare plants; besides, the park is inhabited by different species of birds.