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Samara Regional Clinical Cardiological Dispensary

Is the largest medical organization in the Samara region that is specialized in cardiovascular diseases treatment and prevention. Being a highly specialized clinic the cardiological dispensary has all the opportunities to provide timely and highly-qualified medical help to everyone suffering from heart diseases.

Samara Regional Clinical Oncologic Dispensary

Is a special medical organization for special medical treatment of patients with different blastemas. Being a specialized research guidance center, this organization is the base for progressive techniques and research in oncological sphere in the Volga federal district.

Samara Regional Perinatal Center

Capacities provide for up to 5 thousand deliveries a year. It is designed for 130 patients. The Center has 10 individual delivery rooms with 3 surgery rooms, an intensive therapy unit for women, 3 obstetric surgeries, a neonatal surgery for babies with birth defects, 18 intensive therapy units for newborns (with equipment allowing medical treatment of babies with body mass of 500 gram).