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The Botanic Garden of the Samara State University is a state natural monument, located in the Oktyabrsky district of the city Samara. This is the only garden throughout the Middle Volga region with a tropical house. There is the collection of higher plants containing more than 3500 species.

The garden was founded on August 1, 1932. It occupies the territory of 33.7 ha.

The Botanic Garden includes:
• 2 pools with the total area of 1 ha;
• The tropical house (with the total area of 1200 square meters and the height of 6 meters) has two sections with different temperature conditions – tropical and subtropical and also 4 integrated greenhouses;
• A 6 meters’ high rockwork with Zhiguli flora exposition.

Since 1977 the Botanic garden has the status of a state natural monument and since 1995 it has the status of a natural reserve like all Russian botanic gardens.

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