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Парк-отель «Солнечный»
“Solnechny” Park-Hotel

Cost: from 2 000 Rub
30, Beregovaya St, Vlast Truda town, the Samara Region
It is located in the natural reserve zone of the Samara Region. It is one of the best places to have rest with your family, friends and enjoy holidays in open air far from the city noise. Highly qualified service personnel, well-tuned service system, cozy and friendly atmosphere – all this creates a pleasant resting atmosphere for people of different ages and interests. Works all the year round.

Парк-отель «Дубрава»
“Dubrava” Park-Hotel

Cost: from 3 300 Rub
40, Krasnoglinskoe Shosse St, the Samara Region
It is located in the forest zone of one of the most picturesque places, in the Krasnoglinsky district. This area is full of silence and calm. 34 apartments of different comfort level are equipped with air conditioning, TVs, individual mini-saunas, bathrooms with shower cabins. For the convenience and safety of the customers there are electronic locks and fire protection system.

База отдыха «Бережок»
“Berezhok” Recreation Camp

Cost: from 2 000 Rub
Construction 1, “Baza otdyha Berezhok-10 area” St, Volzhsky town, Samara
This is a family hotel built in 2012. It is a picturesque place at the bank of the river Volga with an excellent view on Zhiguli Hills. A single-standing two-storied building has a European cuisine restaurant on its ground floor and 12 hotel apartments of different comfort levels on the first floor. The rooms are equipped with a TV, a fridge, an air conditioner, and an electric kettle.

База отдыха «Ягодное»
“Yagodnoe” Recreation Camp

Cost: from 6 000 Rub
4th Kilometer St, Hilkovo town, Krasnoyarsky district, the Samara Region. 
The camp guests live in cozy log houses with all conveniences. Each house is designed for a maximum of 10 people. It is comfortable in the houses during the whole year, as the heating is designed there for the winter period and air conditioning - for the summer period. The design is very convenient: a spacious hall and a living room with large dining table and chairs, a sofa and a TV-set; a kitchen zone with a fridge, an electronic kettle and a microwave oven; 3 isolated bedrooms with double beds, an open terrace – everything is designed for a comfortable rest.

Славянская деревня
Slavyanskaya Derevnya

Cost: from 3 000 Rub
18/2, Lesnaya St, Malaya Tsarevshchina, Krasnoyarsky district, the Samara Region
Several single-standing cottages and two small hotels built upon a special project, where guests can stay in a standard suite or in a de luxe suite. Design of all rooms is made in accordance with the European standards. Two-storied cottages of “Slavyanskaya Derevnya” can host up to 8 guests: there are 4 bedrooms with double beds and single beds.

Альпийский парк

Cost: from 6 000 Rub
19A, Banykin St, Togliatti
Here the guests can enjoy time with the family or a large company of friends. In the cottages there are fully equipped kitchens (a fridge, a microwave oven, a kettle, utensils), chairs and a table. Also there are living rooms, each with a draw-out sofa, a TV, in every room there is an air conditioner, a bathroom with a shower cabin.  Also there is a terrace with a wooden table and benches. The area includes a barbeque zone near every cottage, loans, plants, stone-block pavements.

Lada Resort

Cost: from 5 300 Rub
55, Lesoparkovoe Shosse St, Togliatti
Lada resort offers 62 suites, including twin rooms, two-room apartments, almost every apartment has a balcony, there are also apartments for long-term stay equipped with mini kitchens. All the apartments are located in the building with an excellent view on the Volga river from one side and the Zhiguli Hills from the other.

Бутик-отель FAMILIA
FAMILIA Boutique-Hotel

Cost: from 2 500 Rub
44, Sadovaya St (Avtozavodskoy district road), Yagodnoe town, Togliatti 
This is a unique hotel complex for the Samara Region with an exclusive architecture. All the apartments here are unique and combine classic interiors and up-to-date technologies: the hotel staff know the importance of feeling yourself at home and having all the necessary things at hand. Here you can hold business, cultural and entertaining and family events.

База отдыха «Подснежник»
“Podsnezhnik” recreation camp

Cost: from 2 100 Rub
62, Komsomolskoe Shosse St, Togliatti
You can rest at this camp during any season – there are opportunities to organize active rest, but those who prefer quiet leisure will also enjoy this place. The guests are offered to occupy log houses, each with two bedrooms and a terrace.

Ловчий Плюс
Lovtchiy Plyus

Cost: from  3 800 Rub
73, Bolshaya Kovalenko St, Togliatti
The hotel personnel can offer you the apartments of several classes – from standard to luxury. All the apartments have all the necessary modern stuff, namely, plasma display panels with satellite TV, minibars, air conditioners.  In luxury class apartments the guests can enjoy seating with friends by the fireplace and a candlelit dinner at an open terrace, which will make your evening truly unforgettable! The shooting club functions at the hotel territory. First of all, this is the place where one can rest and shoot, and train in shooting with an experiences instructor.


Cost: from  6 500 Rub
Fyodorovskie Luga, Stavropolsky district, the Samara Region
“Energetik” is located at Fyodorovskie Luga area, in a 15 minutes’ drive from the city Togliatti. Here one can enjoy warm atmosphere and rest in harmony with nature not getting too far from the city. Log houses, fir-trees, pavilions – all that is located at a picturesque Volga riverside.


Cost: from 1 800 Rub
3, Solnechnaya St, Nizhnee Sancheleevo town, Togliatti
The cozy hotel complex Rancho is 15 minutes from any Togliatti district and in 90 km from Samara. It is located in a picturesque quiet place. Well-kept grounds, green lawns and fascinating air create comfortable atmosphere and a feeling of peace. There is a small but deep lake for fishing and two water falls lit at night, plus a sport ground (football, volleyball fields), playground with different attractions, pavilions equipped for barbeque, a shooting club, an ice-slide, a mini zoo.

База отдыха «Лада»
“Lada” Recreation Camp

Cost: from 8 000 Rub
Kopylovo peninsula, Togliatti
There are cozy cottages, a sandy beach at the bank of the river Volga, the best in the area, various healthcare and sports facilities and programs. The camp has all the conditions for individual and family rest, rest with children, holidays and fests, business rest and events. European service and Russian nature is the ideal combination for good rest in any season.

База отдыха «Солнечный мыс»
“Solnechny Mys” Recreation Camp

Cost: from 6 500 Rub
Muranka town, Shigonsky district
This place is located at the Usa riverside in the Shigonsky district of the Samara Region, in the pinery of the Myransky nature reserve  near Muranka town. This is an excellent place for family rest and business events. The entertainment includes own beach, sauna, a playground, a barbeque zone, dance floor, entertaining programs, sports grounds, tennis court, boat rentals.

Загородный комплекс «Орбита»
“Orbita” Recreation Complex

Cost: from 5 000 Rub
Muransky pinery, Muranka town, Syzran.
“Orbita” countryside complex invites the guests to enjoy unforgettable holidays in a company of friends or with families at the highest level of service. The place is located in the unique ecologically pristine district of the Samara Region not far from Shigony town. The riverside, pinery and maximum comfort are for you and your loved ones.

База отдыха «Олимп»
“Olimp” Recreation Camp

Cost: from 4 000 Rub
Shigonsky district, the Samara Region
The “Olimp” recreation camp is located in the Samara Region in the Shigonsky district, within the picturesque Muransky pinery at the Usa riverside. The Muransky pinery is defined as a natural reserve due to 160-year-old gigantic pines growing there. One can see the true value of crystal-clear air and the beauty of this natural reserve. Here you can fling yourself into the realm of nature and forget about the urban fuss.

База отдыха «Верхний бор»
“Verhny Bor” Recreation Camp

Cost: from 4 000 Rub
“Mastryukovo” railway station, Kurumochensky selsoviet, Volzhsky district, the Samara Region
It is located on the picturesque terrace slopes at the left bank of the river Volga, at the side of one of Mastryukovskie lakes, near the Zhiguli Gates, 40 km from Samara. Fresh air of the pinery, warm river arm, unique Zhiguli landscapes will make your holiday pleasant, useful and unforgettable.

База отдыха «Приволье»
“Privolye” Recreation Camp

Cost: from  2 800 Rub
Zhiguli town, Stavropolski district, the Samara Region.  
The recreation camp is located at the right side of the Zhiguli reservoir near Usinski Kurgan. It is located at the territory of the Samarskaya Luka National Park. There is free guarded parking, a summer café and a beach.

Гостиничный комплекс «Русская охота»
“Russkaya Ohota” Hotel Complex

Cost: from 4 000 Rub
Kurumoch town, Volzhski district, the Samara Region
Russian generosity, heady air of the pinery and European standards of service, all the opportunities for business meetings and good rest. We can say that this is the real place of festivity in everyday routine.  Easy transport access is another advantage. It is located in 5 km from the Kurumoch International Airport and in 200 m to the “Moscow-Samara” highway. The complex is in equal distance from Samara and Togliatti – in 20-30 minutes’ drive.

Парк-отель «Васильевский»
“Vasilyesky” Park-Hotel

Cost: from 3 200 Rub
North-west of Vladimirovka town, Bezenchuksky district, the Samara Region
There is a pontoon for water transport at the Volga riverside, and a paid guarded parking. This is a place for those who want to rest in a romantic countryside atmosphere in comfortable conditions. The log cottages delight the eye, as well as nice pavements and well-kept lawns. There is a picturesque lake Mahorino at the park-hotel territory, where one can swim and fish in summer and skate in winter.