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ТОСЭР «Тольятти»: новый резидент, +46 млн руб. инвестиций


TASED “Togliatti”: new resident, 46 million rubles of investments

A new resident appeared in TASED “Togliatti”.The company will produce temporary road flooring.

The new investment project will attract 46 million rubles of investments to the city, thanks to its implementation in Togliatti there will be 21 more jobs with an average salary of 40,000 rubles.

An agreement has been signed with the new resident of the territory of advanced development of Togliatti - now he will be able to take advantage of unique tax preferences (reduced tax on income, property, land).

76 Togliatti companies are included in the federal register of residents created in the territories of monoprophilic municipalities of the Russian Federation. In total, residents are ready to invest more than 41 billion rubles and create 8.5 thousand new jobs, half of which have already been created.

For investors of the Samara region there is an Investment Promotion Agency in the region. The Agency provides a range of services - from the selection of a site for the implementation of the project to its exit to the final stage and the provision of the necessary state support.

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