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11 новых резидентов отобрано в технопарк «Жигулевская долина»


11 new residents were selected for the Zhiguly Valley technopark

Under the chairmanship of the Minister of Economic Development and Investments of the Samara Region Dmitry Bogdanov, an absentee vote of the Unified Expert Council of Technology Parks in the Samara Region was held.

The experts considered 12 projects. Some developments were exhibited by companies that have already been residents of technology parks in the Samara region. They came to the expert council with new innovative projects. According to the results of absentee voting of members of the Unified Expert Council of Technology Parks in the Samara Region, the status of a resident of the Zhiguly Valley technopark was recommended to the following applicants:

PHARMCOMPLECT LLC with the project "Development of the strain of chlorella "AlBion S20", adapted to the conditions of the Central Russia, for the biological rehabilitation of reservoirs";

MONTEGRATIA LLC, project "Development and production of educational software hardware complex" interactive schedule ";

Nikiforov Alexey Alexandrovich, project "RemoteCRM software complex for remote management and control of employees through the application on iOS and Android;

STARTEK-STK LLC, project "Development and launch to the market of a fuel system using a NPO generator for ICE";

Fabrika-Krasok LLC, project "Development and launch of nanostructured paint coating with bactericidal and virucilide properties";

Torgovy Dom Specialist LLC, project "Development and production of a complex of coagulating reagents";

VENCE LLC, project "Development and launch of mass production of the complex of electro-magnetic processing of liquid fuel for vehicles";

Boyarinov Nikolai Nikolaevich, project "Development and launch of a pelletizer for cryoblasting with increased economy.

It is recommended to assign the status of a resident of a technopark in the Samara region:

Yelena Vladimirovna Khokhlova, project "Development and launch of intelligent platform and D.Evo solutions for digitalization of production enterprises within Industry 4.0"

The expert council also recommended concluding additional agreements with companies that are already residents of the Zhiguly Valley technology park:

BIA LLC, project "Engineering Center for the creation of turnkey test bench systems for the automotive and aerospace industries within the framework of Industry 4.0";

TARA-STROY LLC, project "Production of prefabricated transport containers from composite material with filler from wood waste".

One project did not pass the expert advice and was sent for revision.