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Состоялось заседание Совета по улучшению инвестиционного климата в Самарской области


A meeting of the Council for the Improvement of the Investment Climate in the Samara Region was held

On July 26, a regular meeting of the Council for the Improvement of the Investment Climate in the Samara Region was held, which was attended by members of the Investment Council, heads of departments of the Government of the Samara Region, experts and representatives of small, medium and large businesses in the region.

The meeting participants discussed the work of the Council. Recall that in the spring of this year, on behalf of the Governor Dmitry Azarov, the powers and the range of tasks of the Council were expanded. Now its members are involved in the formulation and implementation of state policy in the field of development and support of small and medium-sized businesses. They also contribute to the improvement of the legal framework for small and medium-sized businesses (including in the areas of financial and credit, tax and property policy, control and licensing practices) and the removal of barriers to entry into the market for new and development of existing small and medium-sized businesses. “Now the work of the council will concern not only the investment, but also the business climate in general. We will discuss the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs, the provision of state support to entrepreneurs to promote their activities, relations with tax and control authorities”, said Viktor Kudryashov

The Government of the Samara Region is working to attract investments, create a favorable environment for investors, and ensure the development of the necessary infrastructure in the region. Due to this, in 2019 the Samara region in the National Rating of the state of the investment climate rose by 24 positions and entered the top three regions with the best growth dynamics. “Of course, this is just the beginning. Our task is to enter the top ten of the National rating. It will not be easy, because we are competing with other subjects of the Russian Federation, which, like us, are trying to work in this direction very actively. We have to work even harder to improve the business climate in the region, create additional conditions for entrepreneurs to eventually become leaders in this area in the country”, said Viktor Kudryashov.

Sergey Nikitin, Chief Executive Officer of the Investment Promotion Agency of the Samara Region, spoke about the status of the implementation of investment projects supported by the IPA. "Currently, the agency is developing 29 projects for a total amount of investment - more than 130 billion rubles," he explained.

An investment project for construction in the city of Syzran was presented at the meeting. Syzran plant for the extraction and bottling of fresh clean water. This is a modern production of bottled water, which will be sold not only in the Samara region, but also in the whole country. The project, the investment in which will exceed 1 billion rubles, received support from the Council for the improvement of the investment climate in the Samara Region.