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Группа компаний КНАУФ открывает свой филиал в Самарской области


The production of KNAUF group branch was launched in the Samara Region.

The production of KNAUF group branch was launched in the industrial park «Chapayevsk» of the Samara Region on October 1, 2018. The world’s biggest producer of construction materials made on the basis of gypsum will celebrate the completion of pre-commissioning activities at its new dry mixtures production plant. The opening of a new branch means a lot for the company which previously had no own production in the Volga Region.

The chief executives and co-owners of the KNAUF international group and of its branches – KNAUF Eastern Europe and the CIS – will arrive to participate in the grand opening, the Governor of the Samara Region Dmitry Azarov, the heads of regional ministries and departments, and local authorities will be invited as honored guests.

The decision of establishment KNAUF production in the Samara Region was made in 2013. According to Manfred Grundke, managing partner of the KNAUF international group, KNAUF invested more than 1.7 billion rubles (22.4 million euros) in the construction of the Chapayevsk branch of KNAUF GIPS CHELYABINSK LLC, and its creation faced certain difficulties caused by the global economic crisis and the deterioration of the economic situation. This project became a pilot one for KNAUF in the sense of finding the best options for import substitution and localization.

By now, the company has completed commissioning works. During this process, the highest quality for the construction materials that were tested on construction sites in the Samara Region was achieved. The range of the products of the new production plant in Chapaevsk includes dry gypsum-based construction mixes and primers, including such well-known and popular ones as hand-applied plaster Rotband and machine MP 75; Fugen putty, Rotband Finish; primer Tiefengrund and many others.

Estimated production capacity of the production of plaster mixes line is 110 thousand tons per year, putty - 20 thousand tons per year, primer compositions - 350 tons per year.

Currently 33 people are employed by the branch. Most of the works in the construction of a new enterprise were carried out by domestic and local firms and specialists.

For a long time, consumers of the Volga Federal District received KNAUF products that were produced at enterprises from other regions. Now Knauf has eliminated this gap.

Source: official web-site of KNAUF group