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Глава региона Дмитрий Азаров провел совет по улучшению инвестиционного климата в Самарской области


The Acting Governor of the Samara Region Dmitry Azarov hold the Investment Climate Improvement Council

On Wednesday, June 27, 2018 the third meeting of the Samara Region Investment Climate Improvement Council was held by the Acting Head of the region Dmitry Azarov.

Increase in investment activity is one of the major factors for the long-term development of the region. The task of the authorities is to work systematically to create favorable business conditions in the region.

The main issue on the agenda was the discussion of the region's results in the National regional investment climate ranking. In comparison to the results of the last year, the Samara Region managed to strengthen its positions in the rating and go up by 17 points, showing one of the best dynamics in the country. However, as the Acting Governor of the region emphasized, 48th place is far from the indicator that should be satisfying for our region. The task is to enter the top 10 leaders.

Dmitry Azarov started systematic work on improvement of the investment climate in the Samara Region from the first days of his term in position as the Head of the region. All negative tendencies of several past years were analyzed in order to achieve the higher targets.

«It's not just the ranking. It is a necessity of carrying specific works to improve each indicator. The Samara region has to overcome the investment recession and become one of the most investment-attractive regions, a «magnet» for investors», said the Acting Head of the region.

The rating is annually presented by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. ASI presented the evaluation of the results of the year 2017 at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in May, 2018. It should be noted the Samara Region was represented by its own stand for the first time and it was very positively evaluated by many participants of the SPIEF. This fact allowed our region to demonstrate not only its potential, but also the seriousness of its intentions in attracting future investments.

According to 26 out of the 44 indicators of the investment climate rating that was presented at the Forum, positive dynamics has been achieved in the Samara Region. Thus, the businessmen who participated in the survey noted that the time for issuing a construction permit in the region was reduced from 172 days to 88. The time for registration of ownership was reduced up to 13 days.

Among some drawbacks, entrepreneurs noted a long time of registration in the cadastre of land lots. Today this procedure takes 54 days in the Samara Region while the leading regions have a period of two times less.

The Head of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives Svetlana Chupsheva also emphasized the impact of the federal authorities’ activities on the investment attractiveness rating. In her opinion, there is a deterioration in the evaluation of the departments’ work on the territory of some Russian regions. Dmitry Azarov requested to analyze the situation and find out what is the reason of the negative dynamics.

«I'm interested in the result. Now all regions are actively moving forward, competition is growing. If we stop, then we are behind. The same situation can not be allowed, it is necessary to continue regular work», the Acting Head of the region addressed his speech to all participants of the Council.

According to the Acting Minister of Economic Development, Investment and Trade of the Samara Region Alexander Kobenko, in the Samara region it is planned to form a rating of municipalities for the level of attractiveness for investors.

Dmitry Azarov underlined that it is necessary to conduct effective cooperation with the regional businesses and to consolidate their feedback.

«Long correspondence remained in the past, said the Acting Head of the region. – We have to create an information system that will make the feedback more effective. Today we have applications with the help of which people can express their opinion with one click of a button. We need to develop such one for communication with businessmen».

Furthermore, Dmitry Azarov defined the need to reduce the number of businessmen’ inspections by local authorities and supervisory bodies of the region.

«We need to find a compromise between the interests of society and business", said the Acting Head of the Samara Region. – This problem needs to be solved in the near future. If there is no result in this issue, all inspections will be verified under my supervision».

During the meeting of the Council, investment projects were also presented. The company «Karat» plans to build a plant for the production of solid, creamy, curd and other types of cheese on the territory of advanced social and economic development Togliatti, and «Neftegazavtomatika» company intends to develop high-tech equipment and software for directional drilling of oil and gas wells in the region on the territory of special economic zone «Togliatti». Both projects were approved by the Investment Climate Improvement Council.

«The well-being of the population of the Samara Region, the amount of new jobs created, the ability of the region to become a leader, directly depend on our joint work and the work of the Сouncil, Dmitry Azarov summed up, – Many Russian regions are developing at a faster pace, it is necessary for us, too."

In general, it should be noted that given the existing tax benefits, availability of special economic zone and of other investment sites, the Samara Region has already created a favorable investment climate. Regional authorities are ready to support new investment projects that is very important for many companies and reduces the investment risks. One of the best dynamics in the country’s National regional investment climate ranking is an excellent evidence of it.

Source: Ministry of Economic Development, Investment and Trade of the Samara Region