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Утвержден Перспективный план развития ОЭЗ «Тольятти» на 2017-2027 годы


The long-term development plan of the Togliatti SEZ 2017-2027 is approved

In the document, there are displayed the main changes which have happened in the project for the last few years and development priorities of the SEZ management company are designated: to construct and operate the infrastructure facilities and to work with investors.

As the governor of the Samara Region Nikolay Merkushkin has noted, the accepted document allows the Togliatti platform to become the leader among special economic zones of Russia. “I am sure, we have everything to achieve this ambitious plan. Maintaining present growth dynamics of the SEZ guarantees creation of new jobs and significant increase in tax revenues in the budget that will positively affect economy and the social sphere of Togliatti.”

17,2 billion rubles are already invested in the Togliatti SEZ. Moreover, 60% of investments, or more than 10 billion rubles, are means of private investors. Infrastructure of the first stage is built; second stage is gradually completing. Today seven automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical plants are already working. Total number of residents has reached 18 companies. The Togliatti SEZ residents have already transferred to the budgets of different levels about 780 million rubles.