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Дмитрий Азаров принял участие в итоговом заседании Госсовета


Dmitriy Azarov has taken part in the meeting of the State Council

On December 27 the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has held the meeting of the State Council devoted to the measures for increasing the investment attractiveness of regions. Ministers of the federal government, leaders of parliamentary parties, heads of Russian regions, including Dmitriy Azarov, the acting Governor of the Samara Region, have taken part in work of the State Council.

During the meeting Vladimir Putin has emphasized that there should not be any isolation in the work on improvement of business climate: “Before everyone – both federal, regional and municipal institutions – there is a task of attraction of investments, creation of conditions for opening enterprises, making them work effectively, development of regions and improvement of quality of life of people”. As Vladimir Putin has noted, our country has complex, major tasks for developing the regions. All of them are designated in the document on State policy of regional development of the country till 2025.

One more factor that influences the investment attractiveness of regions is their financial stability. Investors and businessmen trust those regions which are capable to fulfill the obligations, which pursue the responsible, balanced budgetary policy. The Samara Region intends to participate in the program of restructuring of the budgetary credits. The corresponding work has begun at once after Dmitry Azarov's appointment to a region as an acting governor. One more important task which was designated by the President: whenever it is possible we should get rid of the commercial credits on which the rate turns out much above the one offered by the state.

During the meeting of the State Council Vladimir Putin has supported a number of the regional initiatives concerning removal of administrative load on business, increases in independence of budgets of subjects of the country, formation of electronic document flow. Today in the Samara Region work in these directions is conducted. At the request of the head of the region the procedure of execution of documentation in the sphere of town planning has become simpler. Besides reduction of terms, now submission of documents and issue of construction licenses is conducted through multifunctional centers.

“We have everything to become leaders in attraction of investments. And we have to ask first of all to ourselves a question – why it is not so today? We have carried out tough audit of earlier made decisions to understand where and why we lag behind. This understanding will also allow us to take in the long term right steps, create conditions for business. Certainly, we have to create the additional system of support for conducting open, civilized, honest business, and on it we should concentrate our efforts”, – Dmitriy Azarov has emphasized.