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Состоялся запуск инфраструктуры второго этапа ОЭЗ «Тольятти»


The second stage of the Togliatti SEZ is brought into operation

427 hectares of the SEZ territory (about 70% of total area) are provided with all necessary energy resources for connection of nearly any production from various industries.

High rates of the Togliatti SEZ development should be noted. More than 400 hectares of the area have been built up with infrastructure in five years. These are great results, considering that in parallel with it the new plants were under construction and they started their production, –  Alexander Kobenko, the acting vice governor – the Minister of Economic Development, Investments and Trade of the Samara Region said. – The Togliatti SEZ is strategically important project for the region. And the Government of the Samara Region sees as one of the most important tasks to create conditions for more effective work of the platform, in stimulation of arrival of new investors and support of all projects which are developed in the SEZ”.

The total area of the Togliatti SEZ is 660 hectares. The area is rather big and because of the short deadlines of the project’s implementation it was decided to build up the territory with infrastructure in three stages. Beginning of active construction works made it possible to start the first productions of the residents. Seven plants are working at the moment in the Togliatti SEZ.