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В «Преображенке» открылся самый крупный региональный склад компании АШАН Ритейл Россия


The largest regional warehouse of the Auchan Retail Russia has been opened n PREOBRAZHENKA Industrial Park

Second after Moscow according to its capacity and first among regions – the new multitemperature warehouse of the Auchan Retail Russia has been solemnly opened. It is a part of the Pridorozhnyi Logistic complex – the resident of the PREOBRAZHENKA Industrial Park.

The new multiwarehouse allows to unite different types of goods – dry goods, fruit and vegetables, meat and poultry, alcohol – all on one platform. By means of this project traffic flows will be optimized thus it will influence decrease of number of trucks on the roads. The Auchan Retail Russia will deliver products from this warehouse to its 14 hypermarkets located in Samara, Togliatti, Ulyanovsk, Kazan, Ufa, Saratov and Izhevsk. Besides, the implementation of this project created 300 new job vacancies.

New logistic center is an important trade tool. A large number of unloading gates accelerates the productiveness, increases efficiency and shortens the delivery time which allows us to serve our clients better and offer them the best quality goods,” – Jeanne-Philippe Florent, the director of supplies and logistics of Auchan Retail Russia hypermarkets, has noted. – “I want to thank all our partners and also the Government of the Samara Region which is always ready to help us.

The Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Investments and Trade of the Samara Region Oleg Mayorov emphasized that the Pridorozhnyi Logistic complex (the project realized by the company Samaratransavto) includes 200 000 square meters of A-class logistic areas corresponding to all necessary international standards. “The PREOBRAZHENKA Industrial Park is developing – there are platforms for localization of new residents. We, in return, give all necessary points of connection, and provide support at all stages of the project’s implementation. PREOBRAZHENKA is the perfect place for business according to logistics, manpower, presence of suppliers and proximity to the regional center.

The CEO of Investment Promotion Agency of the Samara Region Igor Korotkiy emphasized the fact that logistic complexes are extremely important, they influence the economic situation of the region: “Our international investors before implementing their projects first of all ask us about the logistics, they learn how this sphere is developed in the Samara Region. Successful work of the Pridorozhnyi Logistic complex positively influences the general investment climate of the region.

In 2016 the Pridorozhnyi Logistic complex became the nominee of the CRE awards in category “The Best Industrial Regional Object” for quality of construction, infrastructure and a pool of the acting tenants. Project planning of new facilities with an approximate total area of 150 000 square meters is being conducted at the moment.