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Пересмотрен Перечень стратегических инвестиционных проектов Самарской области


One more strategic investment project of the Samara Region was approved

A council meeting on the Samara Region investment climate was held in the Government of the Samara Region. The vice-governor – the Minister of Economic Development, Investments and Trade Alexander Kobenko has drawn the attention of participants to the fact that our region needs to improve its indicators in the national rating of investment climate.

“We are in top-3 regions with developed public-private partnership and we share the second place with the Moscow Region. Our aim is to reach top-10 regions with best investment climate in Russia. Of course, there exist some problems, but we should cooperate and thus we will quicker achieve this result.”

Five strategic investment projects of the Samara Region are successfully implemented. One new - a project of construction of a milk cattle-breeding complex – got a status of the strategic one.

The CEO of the Investment Promotion Agency of the Samara Region Igor Korotkiy has emphasized the importance of this project:

"There is not enough raw milk in the region. Implementation of this project will allow to provide the region both with raw milk and dairy products.”

The volume of investment will be 5,239 million rubles, capital investments in the project – 4,406 million rubles. 87 people will get jobs. The total amount of taxes from 2017 to 2027 will be 650 million rubles, including taxes in the budget of the Samara Region – 474 million rubles.

At the moment there are 29 strategic investment projects in the Samara Region.