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Французские инвесторы изучили условия работы в ОЭЗ «Тольятти»


French economic delegation has visited SEZ “Togliatti”

On July 25, the CCEF delegation (France) has visited the Special Economic Zone “Togliatti”. Guests came to the Samara Region in order to investigate the investment potential of the city and a possibility of implementation of the joint Russian-French project.

CCEF is a National Committee of French International Business Advisor. It is searching for the partner and the platform where the French company that specializes in the field of lighting can implement its production. At the moment the investor is planning to localize production in Russia and is looking for the partner among the local companies.

French guests in SEZ “Togliatti” were welcomed by the CEO Aleksey Pakhomenko. He presented the project and told the CCEF delegation about the successful experience of realizing foreign projects in the Special Economic Zone. French investors were invited to implement their project on the territory of SEZ “Togliatti”.