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The project session "Agency for Strategic Initiatives(*ASI): Open dialogue" took place In Samara

The occasion collected on one platform the representatives of executive authorities of the Samara Region, representatives of business community. The organizers were the representatives of ASI in the Samara Region (the head – Ovodenko Dmitry Vladimirovich). One of key ASI speakers was Bocharov Sergey Vladimirovich – the representative of ASI in the Volga Federal District. The vice governor Alexander Vladimirovich Kobenko greeted guests of the occasion. In the complimentary speech, he noted emergency of the region cooperation with ASI, as the Agency accumulates the best projects and practicians and carry them out on court of the Russian Federation President, therefore increasing the chance of the project fastest promotion and realization. Approaching to the representatives of ASI, A.V. Kobenko noted the demand for ASI among citizens, enterprise community, foreign investors: "You open new opportunities for partners and show high standards of openness and professionalism. ASI is on action of innovations and at the advanced boundary of large-scale changes for already six years. And today in Your portfolio is a mass of the projects aimed at development of all spheres. It is gratifying that you pay the main attention to regions as the main points of changes. And the Samara Region is not an exception". The Samara Region together with ASI works on creation of children's science and technology parks, the youth innovative creativity centers, thus, positive image of the businessman in society is formed, innovations of the social sphere and dual training centers and many other things. A. Kobenko: "ASI is a platform with an open code on which an open dialogue in an honest manner is conducted. You help to reduce positions of business, the power and society to a common denominator". The first block of a project session was devoted to questions of ASI regional policy (Bocharov S. V.), investment policy of the Samara Region (Ovodenko D. V.) and a national technological initiative (Bogdanov S.A.).