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Expert Council of Togliatti SEZ approved 2 new investment projects

Two new projects to be implemented in the special economic zone Togliatti were supported at the meeting of the expert council of SEZ, which was held on November 10 in the building of the Samara Region Government. This is the first advisory council, which was held in our province after the transfer of area management authority to the region. The council was composed of 20 people, including representatives of federal and regional authorities, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and SEZ JSC among them, as well as business organizations and educational institutions.

Residents of Togliatti SEZ will be the companies Samara Plant of Medical Products (SPMP) and Prodmash-kompozit. The companies will create enterprises manufacturing nitrile gloves, as well as products made from composite materials, in the SEZ.

“It’s only been two months since the moment when the powers to manage Togliatti SEZ were transferred to the Samara Region. And today, the first advisory council has already been held, - Governor of the Samara Region Nikolai Merkushin said. – Togliatti SEZ remains a strategically important project for the region. And we are glad that more and more interest in it is shown by local companies. For our part, we will provide all necessary support in the development of new businesses in the SEZ”.

The plant for the production of nitrile gloves in SEZ will become the first full-cycle production in Russia carrying out the control at all stages of the installation, including commissioning and training, where the most advanced equipment and technology of the Malaysian group of companies KENDEK PRODUCTS SDN BHD will be used. The start of production activities of SPMP is planned for 2018. The planned annual production capacity will be more than one hundred million pairs of gloves. In future, the plant will employ 85 people. The total investment volume will amount to more than 6 million euro. A partner of SPMP will be Samara company Meditek – one of the leaders of the Russian market of medical products.

The new plant for the manufacture of products made of composite materials is planned to be built and launched by the end of 2017. The project is implemented by Prodmash-komposit company – a subsidiary of Zavod Prodmash OJSC – the market leader in the production of road steel structures and road infrastructure products according to the 2015 data. The total investment volume in the construction and commissioning of the new plant for the manufacture of products made from composite materials will amount to 7.267 million euro. In future, the company will be able to provide employment for more than 150 employees.

The plant will offer market products made from composite materials – new eco-friendly and innovative material, superior in many ways to the traditional materials, such as metal, plastic, wood, stone, etc. Products made from composite materials has high physical and mechanical properties, and, most importantly, long service life. The range of products of the plant will feature items such as: furniture for equipping bathrooms and kitchens, windowsills, finishing elements and decor, as well as traffic signs, pedestrian fences, returnable packaging, and other products used in various industries. A distinctive feature of this technology is a diversified portfolio of products. The production technology is tested on a pilot plant in Togliatti, where the first batch of products was produced.

“Today was a historic moment. We successfully held the first session of the expert council of the region. Two large interesting projects that will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the economy of the Samara Region were approved for the implementation in Togliatti SEZ. The companies plan to invest in the creation of their production about 13.334 million euro and organize around 240 new jobs. At the same time allocations to the budgets of all levels will exceed 21.667 million euro, - chairman of the expert council Aleksandr Kobenko said. - Also, we can observe a good trend – Togliatti SEZ continues to evolve in the direction of diversification. Over the past few years, the investors, whose activities are not related to the automotive industry, have come here. This is what the authorities and residents of Togliatti expect from the project”.

Both projects are of great importance not only for the region, but also for the country as a whole, since they are consistent with the strategic plans of development of the Russian economy, in particular, contribute to the import substitution. For the monocity of Togliatti, new factories in the SEZ mean another step in the direction of diversification, and reducing social tension.

“I congratulate our new investors on the passage of examination by the expert council. In view of the projects approved today, the overall planned investment in Togliatti SEZ grew up to 500 million euro, the number of announced jobs exceeded 5 thousand, - Director General of ISEZ JSC Togliatti Aleksey Pakhomenko said. - New projects will be implemented in a fairly short period of time. The plants will be built and launched during the next year or year and a half. Experience shows that it is possible, especially since most of the issues will be now solved at the regional level”.

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