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The Samara Region is among the leaders in the degree of competition and the intensity of the competitive environment

The Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia (FAS) made a rating of regions in terms of the degree of competition and intensity of the competitive environment. According to the rating as of the end of 2015, the Samara Region was included in the top four regions together with the Novosibirsk Region and the federal cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. In their report “On the state of competition in the Russian Federation”, the FAS notes that by aggregate indicators taken into account in the rating, the Samara Region holds the first place. In comparison with 2014, the region has improved its rating position by 54 points. In assessing the competitive environment in the regions in 2015, the FAS took into account such criteria as the number of enterprises and entrepreneurs per capita, number of cases of antimonopoly legislation violations in the region, state of competition in individual markets and the results of a survey of entrepreneurs on business conditions in a number of the economy sectors. In contrast to the rating methodology of the previous year, during the formation of the rating for 2015, the indicators specified in the appendix to the Standard of Competition Development in the subjects of the Russian Federation were used. In particular, the FAS analyzed the extent of achieving numerical values of target indicators for socially important markets of the region and in implementing the system of measures for the development of a competitive environment. It is to be recalled that that the standard for competition in the Russian subjects has been implemented in all regions of Russia since 2015. The results of work in this area are included in a comprehensive assessment of the activities of heads of subjects of the Russian Federation.