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General Information

Petrochemical complex of the Samara Region is one of the essential complexes in the economy of the region. It includes such major industries as oil production, oil refining, chemical and plastic industry and organizations of main oil and products transportation. Petrochemical complex of the Samara Region includes all technological chain stages, from hydrocarbon production and processing to the production of a wide range of high value-added market products.

The products of petrochemical complex of the Samara Region have long been recognized worldwide. For instance, Samara companies supply ammonia, urea, methanol, hydrocarbon gases, perfumes and cosmetics to overseas customers. The petrochemical export share in total exports of the region is 88%. Today, due to well-developed logistics infrastructure, qualified personnel and favorable location, the Samara Region remains an attractive region for Russian and foreign investors planning the siting of new production facilities.

The largest enterprises of the petrochemical complex of the Samara Region are Samaraneftegaz, JSC, Togliattiazot OJSC, KuibyshevAzot OJSC and other petrochemical plants.
The chemical enterprises of the Samara Region produce 100% of polyamide fibers, synthetic ethyl alcohol, additives to motor fuels TAME, 99% of polyamide-6, 42% of caprolactam, 23% of ammonia and 20% of methanol in the Russian Federation. Most of local plastic industry companies focus on the production of automotive industry components.