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Projects Underway

Miniature Bearings Factory, Ltd:

  • Project on technical re-equipping and innovative development for the period of 2013-2020;
  • Reconstruction projects for systems of microclimate and energy efficiency enhancement.


  • Modernization of metallurgical production of the enterprise (plant capacity increase in high quality liquid steel up to 550,000 tons per year and expanding the basic product range, namely production of rolled metal in the amount of 500,000 tons per year).


  • The project for 2016-2017 on organization of production of stop pipeline valves (ball valves of various modifications) for high temperature and corrosion environments in the oil and gas industry.

ZAO "GC" Electroshield" - TM Samara":

  • Basic product range expanding projects;
  • Development of import substitution products (power transformers, gas-insulated switch gears, measuring transformers, switches);
  • Construction of a new plant for the production of dry-type transformers.

Togliatti Transformer, LLC:

  • Project on production organization of railway substation transformers for Russian Railways (RZHD), OJSC;
  • Project on production organization of automatic wind-driven power-plants;
  • Project on production organization of controlled shunt reactors.

Samara Cable Company, CJSC:

  • Basic product range expanding projects: production startup of symmetrical low-frequency telecommunication cables, telephone cables with reduced          fire behavior, digital high-frequency cables, high-frequency symmetrical cables, flexible stranded copper power cables, self-supporting insulated wire for electric power lines, flame-retardant, automotive wire for Ford and Volkswage.

Alcoa SMZ, CJSC:

  • Project on production organization of aluminum hopper cars for freight;
  • Project on production organization of drill pipes.


  • Project of fire refining section construction;
  • Project on oil-submersible cables nomenclature enhancement as well as on construction of a copper cathodes plant.


  • Production integrated development project: control automation and production supervision, modernization and technical re-equipping of production, integrated management policy adoption, energy efficiency enhancement, science and engineering competences as well as human resource development;
  • The project on organization of equipment production for    dry-mix process cement plants: rotary kilns,             carrier-gas heat exchangers,   decarbonizers, cement clinker coolers, raw and cement millhouses;
  • The project on organization of production of hard gear reducers (the project contributes to the development of domestic trade and consumer market as reducers are used in general industries);
  • Production growth project for cranes (travelling cranes, frame cranes, general industrial cranes, metallurgical cranes, nuclear energy cranes), belt conveyors, crushing engines and mills for mining and preparation complexes