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General Information

In the Samara Region, a powerful cluster of information technologies consists of industrial, designing, educational institutions and communications service providers. The software development sector is represented by foreign companies.

In 2014, upon an initiative of Samara State Medical University and business community supported by the Government of the Samara Region, an innovative territorial cluster of medical and pharmaceutical technologies was founded.

Today the activity of the Cluster involves more than 50 organizations: three ministries, one department, and real sector economy enterprises in the fields of pharmacy, IT-medicine, biotechnology, production of medical products, defense enterprises and universities.

The main objectives are increasing economy competitiveness of the Samara Region, geographical expansion of the Cluster and sales increase in domestic and foreign markets, and improvement of efficiency of the health system, integrated approach to solving healthcare problems by means of innovative technologies.
The Cluster is based on four industrial complexes with priority on the national scale: medical industry, pharmaceutical industry, electronic engineering, and information technology.

The Samara Region is also an excellent place for investments and innovations in the sphere of biotechnology. The region has already been producing tabloid preparations, galenical preparations, liquid pharmaceutical products, immunological products, biogas and synthetic gas, vermicompost (biohumus), wound coverings, cell materials as well as products and probiotics for cattle breeding, etc.