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Development Priorities

  • Production of new construction materials (reduction in weight of construction materials and long-distance transportability potential, new energy-saving materials and their cost reduction and adoption of easily recyclable materials);
  • Introduction of new construction technologies (assembly-line construction and modular construction of buildings, construction           automation and adoption of robot devices, construction 3D printing);
  • Energy saving program implementation (energy performance requirements (as to technologies and materials) on the part of industrial enterprises, energy saving programs development in housing and utility sector and house construction);
  • Affordable housing program implementation and mortgage development (priority of affordable housing construction, development and support of various financial instruments for public);
  • Advance of effective use of own mineral resources base for production of traditional and new kinds of structures and materials involving energy efficiency technologies;
  • Development of construction materials industry of the Samara Region is intended to provide regional construction sector with the state-of-the-art, competitive and innovative construction materials and products ensuring the construction of energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings and facilities.