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General Information

Small aircraft construction and shipbuilding are prospective directions of economy development of the Samara Region. These industries include production of small size vessels, production and assembly of aircrafts, aircraft engines, and engineering.

The Samara Region is one of the Russian centers of competence in the shipbuilding sector, especially in small ships and vessels. Official figures show that our region is the leader in Russia by number of registered ship owners, which amounts to more than 40 000 owners in the Samara Region. There are more than 15 small vessel manufacturing companies which offer globally competitive products. German and Dutch distributors are interested in the products of small vessel shipbuilding of the Samara Region. Japanese engine manufacturers have also shown great interest in cooperation with our manufacturers.

Moreover, small aircraft construction is developing in the region. Research and manufacturing association “AeroVolga” established in 2002 is one of the leading enterprises in this industry. It performs designing, manufacturing and testing of normal category aircrafts.