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General information

Agro-industry of the Samara Region is a multi-branch production and economic system:
  • about 520 large agricultural enterprises
  • 2 000 farms
  • 290 000 private subsidiary farms
  • about 1 000 food producing and processing companies and enterprises supplying and servicing agricultural machinery
  • more than 90 000 people working in agribusiness (6% of the volume of employed in the region)
  • more than 4 ha of agricultural lands
  • farmland area within the agricultural lands occupies 3.8 m ha, croplands occupy about 2.8 m ha
  • natural forage lands – hay fields and cattle ranges – more than 800 000 ha
  • gross agricultural output in 2015 – 1 386.666 million euro
  • share of agricultural products of the Samara Region in the national production – 1.7%.

Crop production amounted to 58% and livestock production to 42% in the gross agricultural output in 2015.
The crop production sphere is specializing in growing grain, oil and forage crops, potatoes, vegetables, fruit and berries.
The livestock of the region is specializing in breeding cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry.