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Projects Underway

On April 28, 2016 a launch vehicle Soyuz-2-1a manufactured by Rocket and Space Center "Progress" was launched from new national Vostochny Cosmodrome for the first time. The equipment for the cosmodrome was manufactured by Tyazhmash JCS. The vehicle engines were manufactured by Kuznetsov OJSC and designed by Energomash JSC, the Volga branch of which is located in the Samara.

The key project also includes creation and development of the engineering center, which aims at focusing and strengthening the cluster competences in the designing, testing and implementation of aerospace equipment and technologies, ensuring new industries development.

The main activities of the center are the construction and development of the multilevel Earth online monitoring system, space equipment and technologies, as well as introduction of "Factory of the future" technologies.

For the first time in Russia, Irkut Corporation and Technodinamika Holding, enterprises of the Samara aerospace cluster, work in cooperation on creation of a virtual digital model of the aircraft and its components. The project implementation will enable to reduce the costs and design time by decreasing the number of required tests.