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General Information

A powerful innovative territorial aerospace cluster bringing together the leading rocket engineering and engine manufacturing companies and aircraft production enterprises was established in the Samara Region. The enterprises of space-rocket engineering, aircraft, engine manufacturing and components production, research and development and educational organizations form the core of the aerospace cluster.

The specific feature of the cluster is that the complete production cycle for the whole scope of aerospace engineering is concentrated within one region.

Today the cluster companies develop and manufacture spacecraft, aircraft and rocket engines, aircraft units and components, and provide maintenance of aircraft and power units.

The fundamental aerospace cluster enterprises of the Samara Region are Rocket and Space Center Progress, JSC, Kuznetsov, OJSC, Aviakor - Aviation Plant, OJSC, Aviaagregat, OJSC, Agregat, OJSC, Metallist-Samara, OJSC, State Enterprise “Ekran” Scientific Research Institute, Salyut, OJSC and others.