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Recovery of costs incurred for events in the energy saving sphere

A subsidy is provided to recover a part of the costs connected to the loans received from the Russian banks for the following events:
- pre-investment project development in the energy saving and energetic efficiency increase spheres including design and survey works;
- update of communal facility and engineering infrastructure objects.

General company selection criteria for subsidy provision:
- state registration of the company on the territory of the Samara Region;
- no outstanding liability on payment of taxes, duties, levies, fines, including overdue on salary payments;
- absence of expenses incurred out of the regional budget funds in the list of costs for recovery.

The subsidy amount cannot exceed the volume of costs incurred in the course of the event implementation.

Additional company selection criteria for recovery of costs incurred for payment of loan interest:
- presence of a loan agreement concluded with a Russian credit institution (hereinafter referred to as the “loan agreement”) for financing of implementation of the above mentioned events;
- performance of obligations on repayment of the principal loan amount and interest accrued under the loan agreement by the company;
- application of a loan received by the company from the Russian credit institutions to ensure implementation of the above mentioned events.

Procedure of Provision of Subsidies for Implementation of Events in the Energy Saving and Energetic Efficiency Increase Spheres (Resolution of the Government of the Samara Region No. 261 dated May 12, 2014).

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