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Production of milk that is sold and (or) dispatched for processing by the company itself

A subsidy is provided to the following categories of agricultural commodity manufacturers:

  • a manufacturer is neither undergoing a liquidation procedure nor is duly declared bankrupt, and no bankruptcy proceedings have been initiated;
  • a manufacturer has no overdue on publicly funded loan repayment (principal loan amount) provided to the manufacturer from the regional budget;
  • a manufacturer has no outstanding liability on payment of taxes, duties, levies, fines, interest (except for the interest for using a publicly funded loan provided out of the regional budget) subject to payment pursuant to the legislation of the Russian Federation on taxes and duties;
  • a manufacturer has cow and (or) goat population as of the first day of the month when such manufacturer is applying to the Ministry for a subsidy to be provided.
Subsidies are aimed at recovery of a part of costs incurred by the recipients in the IV quarter of the preceding and I-III quarters of the current financial years in respect of production of cow milk of the highest and (or) first grade and (or) goat milk that is sold on the territory of the Samara Region and (or) dispatched for processing by the company itself on the territory of the Samara Region, at the rates approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Resolution of the Government of the Samara Region No. 30 dated February 12, 2013 (as amended on July 26, 2016) On Measures Aimed at Support of Agricultural Production out of the Regional Budget Funds Including the Funds Received by the Regional Budget from the Federal Budget.

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