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Construction and (or) reconstruction and (or) update of livestock breeding complexes (farms) for keeping dairy cattle

Subsidies are provided to the following categories of agricultural commodity manufacturers:

  • not being state (municipal) institutions;
  • neither undergoing a liquidation procedure nor duly declared bankrupt, and with no initiated bankruptcy proceedings;
  • having no overdue on publicly funded loan repayment (principal loan amount) provided to the manufacturer from the regional budget;
  • having no outstanding liability on payment of taxes, duties, levies, fines, interest (except for the interest for using a publicly funded loan provided out of the regional budget) subject to payment pursuant to the legislation of the Russian Federation on taxes and duties;
  • having no overdue on any mandatory payments to the state non-budget funds of the Russian Federation.

The subsidy amount provided out of the regional budget is set equal to 50% of the incurred costs but not more than 185 000 euro per annum per one recipient having performed construction and (or) reconstruction and (or) update of livestock breeding complexes (farms) for keeping dairy cattle.

Resolution of the Government of the Samara Region No. 203 dated April 18, 2012 (as amended on August 26, 2015) On Approval of the Procedure of Provision of Subsidies in 2015-2017 out of the Regional Budget Funds to the Agricultural Commodity Manufacturers Operating on the Territory of the Samara Region to Recover the Costs connected to the Agricultural Product Manufacture, in Particular, Expenses on Construction and (or) Reconstruction and (or) Update of Livestock Breeding Complexes (Farms) for Keeping Dairy Cattle.

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