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Recovery of costs of potato and field vegetable production

Subsidies are provided to agricultural commodity manufacturers producing crop products on the cultivated area located on the territory of the Samara Region. 
No subsidies are provided to:
  • state (municipal) institutions; 
  • having overdue on publicly funded loan repayment (principal loan amount) provided from the regional budget;
  • undergoing a liquidation procedure or duly declared bankrupt, and with initiated bankruptcy proceedings;
  • having outstanding liability on payment of taxes, duties, levies, fines, interest subject to payment pursuant to the legislation of the Russian Federation on taxes and duties.
The subsidy amount is calculated based on the cultivated area under seed potato and field vegetables planted by the manufacturer within the year and the subsidy amount calculation rates set by the Ministry.
The subsidy amount shall not exceed the costs actually incurred by the recipient in connection with the agricultural product manufacture in part of expenses on carrying out of a complex of agrotechnological works ensuring increase of seed potato and field vegetable production.

Procedure of Provision of Subsidies out of The Regional Budget Funds to the Agricultural Commodity Manufacturers Operating on the Territory of the Samara Region to Render Unrelated Support to the Agricultural Commodity Manufacturers in the Sphere of Seed Potato and Field Vegetable Production Development.
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