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Retraining and upgrading of skills

A subsidy is provided to legal entities complying with the following criteria:

  • state registration and operation of the company on the territory of the Samara Region for at least one year as of the subsidy application filing date;
  • company economic activity scope falls within the subsections DB Textile and Garment Manufacture, DC Leather Manufacture, Production of Leather Goods and Footwear, DJ Metallurgical Production and Manufacture of Finished Metal Products, DK Manufacture of Machines and Equipment, DL Manufacture of Electrical, Electronic and Optical Equipment and economic activity aimed at creation and deployment of polymeric composite materials (composites) and the goods produced of polymeric composite materials from section D Manufacturing Activity of the All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activity Types approved by the order of the Federal Agency on Standardization and Metrology No. 329-st dated November 22, 2007.

A subsidy is provided based on the documents filed by the company confirming the actually paid costs, in the amount of 90% of costs actually incurred for upgrading of skills and retraining of the company employees, but not more than 83 400 euro per annum per one company.
There exists a specific list of training programs for a subsidy to be provided.

Procedure of Provision of Subsidies to Recover Costs Incurred for Retraining and Upgrading of Skills (Resolution of the Government of the Samara Region No. 450 dated August 1, 2014)
State Program of The Samara Region on Development of Industry of the Samara Region and Improvement of its Competitiveness by 2020 (Resolution of the Government of the Samara Region No. 321 dated June 4, 2014)

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