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Создание транспортно-логистического комплекса на территории Самарской области
  • Investment proposal
  • Planned for implementation
Construction of transport and logistics center in Syzran (the Samara Region)
Time frame: Investment:

The advantageous geographical arrangement of the region and absence of large river transport and logistic complexes in close proximity to the region causes efficiency of implementation of investment projects in this sphere. The investment proposal represents the possibility of the organization of the transport and logistic center on the basis of river port in the urban district Syzran.

Construction of transport and logistics center in Syzran (the Samara Region).pdf
Строительство транспортно-логистического комплекса «Октябрьский»
  • Planned for implementation
  • Investment proposal
“Construction of the transport and logistics complex “Oktyabrsky”
Time frame: 7 years Investment: RUB 5,200 Million

The project involves the creation of a transport and logistics center, which includes a river port, a container terminal, railway access roads, a motor transport platform, and warehouse complexes.

Construction of universal logistics complex_ENG.pdf
Строительство сети многофункциональных комплексов дорожного сервиса «ТрэвелПарк»
  • In progress
  • Strategic
  • Investment proposal
“Construction of a chain of multi-purpose roadside service complexes “TravelPark”
Time frame: 2017-2020 Investment: RUB 553 Million

The project implementation includes the construction of a multi-fuel filling station, a combined parking for trucks, a motel, self-service restaurants with play spaces, etc.

Network of multifunctional roadside service Travelpark_ENG.pdf
Строительство автомагистрали «Центральная»
  • Planned for implementation
  • Public-private partnership
  • Investment proposal
“Construction of the “Tsentralnaya” highway”
Time frame: 3 years Investment: RUB 7 046 Million

The project involves the construction of Karl Marx Avenue from Kirov Avenue to the boundary of the city Samara and reconstruction of a part of the “Tsentralnaya” highway in Volzhsky district of the city Samara.

Construction of the Cental highway_ENG.pdf