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Строительство сети многофункциональных комплексов дорожного сервиса «ТрэвелПарк»
  • In progress
  • Strategic
  • Investment proposal
“Construction of a chain of multi-purpose roadside service complexes “TravelPark”
Time frame: 2017-2020 Investment: RUB 553 Million

The project implementation includes the construction of a multi-fuel filling station, a combined parking for trucks, a motel, self-service restaurants with play spaces, etc.

Network of multifunctional roadside service Travelpark_ENG.pdf
Строительство комплекса по производству и переработке мяса птицы в Самарской области
  • In progress
  • Investment proposal
  • Strategic
“Construction of a poultry production and processing complex in the Samara Region”
Time frame: 2015-2020 Investment: RUB 17 700 Million

As part of the project, it is planned to build a closed-circle poultry complex with a capacity of 75,000 tons of poultry meat per year. The poultry complex will produce chilled and frozen products made of poultry meat, as well as carcasses, dressing products, by-products and products of deep processing.

Complex for production and processing of poultry meat in Samara Region.pdf
«Строительство сети вертолётных центров на территории Самарской области»
  • In progress
“Construction of a network of helicopter centers on the territory of the Samara region”
Time frame: 2017-2022 Investment: RUB 724 Million

The project includes the services of air taxi and air excursions, theoretical training of pilots, a base for helicopters, a regional helicopter center in Samara, centers for temporary aircraft parking in the tourist areas of the region and district helicopter centers across the Samara region.

«Строительство животноводческого комплекса, состоящего из 3-х ферм и цеха по переработке молока»
  • In progress
  • Strategic
“Construction of Cattle-breeding Complex of 3 Cattle Farms and Milk Processing Facility”
Time frame: 2017-2021 Investment: RUB 5,239 Million

The project is for the construction of three dairy product farms for 3,600 heads of forage-fed cows with a complete cycle of breeding heifers (each farm for 1,200 heads of forage-fed cows, total headstock: 8,000) and with a line of processing milk into finished dairy products.The implementation of the project will require sustainable supplies of feeding stock. In order to improve the efficiency of manufacturing the feedstock, new technologies of agricultural engineering of cultivated areas will be implemented.

«Строительство сети автомобильных газонаполнительных компрессорных станций на территории Самарской области
  • In progress
  • Strategic
“Liquefied gas automobile filling stations in the Samara Region”
Time frame: 2015-2027 Investment: RUB 1,000 Million

The goal of the project is to stimulate the use of natural gas as transport fuel and to strengthen the role of Gazprom as the industrial leader on the Russian market of motor fuels.

The work of “Gazprom Motor Gas Fuel” aims at creating comfortable conditions to drive the transport to use natural gas by expanding the chain of liquefied gas filling stations of “Gazprom”.

«Создание садкового хозяйства по выращиванию ценных видов рыб»
  • In progress
“Rearing Farm for Breeding Valuable Fish”
Time frame: 2015-2020 Investment: RUB 250 Million

Development of fish culture breeding in the Samara Region, import replacement and satisfaction of internal demands of the population in fresh and high quality fish products. The project is to be implemented in the Usinsky Bay, near the settlement of Mezhdurechensk and will include an incubator and a breeding area, feedstock production lines, fish processing shops, and laboratories.

As of today, the production site is completed for the fish farm, topographical survey is performed, and land plot borders are registered. 

«Развитие сети АЗС ПАО «Татнефть» в Самарской области»
  • In progress
“Development of PJSC “Tatneft” filling station chain in the Samara region”
Time frame: 2017-2022 Investment: RUB 1.86 Million

The facilities of filling stations will be equipped with the modern engineering systems: mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation, power supply, automation system of engineering equipment, fire alarm, video surveillance, air conditioning.

«Строительство предприятия по производству и переработке мяса»
  • In progress
Construction of a meat producing and processing plant
Time frame: 2015-2019 Investment: RUB 498 Million

Construction of an agroindustrial enterprise for processing beef, pork and poultry, with slaughterhouse and bull calf meat fattening complex.

Интеграция магистральных телекоммуникационных сетей в автодорожную инфраструктуру Российской Федерации. Первый этап - на территории Самарской области
  • In progress
  • Strategic
“Integration of backbone telecommunication networks into the road infrastructure of the Russian Federation. The first stage is on the territory of the Samara region”
Time frame: 2016-2022 Investment: RUB 1 900 Million

Implementation of the project includes the construction of fiber-optic communication lines in cable line facilities of transport multichannel communications. The project is aimed at the development of an intelligent transportation system that integrates security systems and information services for road users.