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Investor steps

Step 1:
Project concept
Концепция проекта
1. The agency supports the formation of your project concept
2. We provide information:
  • on investment potential of the Samara Region;
  • on measures of state support of investment projects;
  • on potential suppliers and consumers of products.
Step 2:
Selection of an investment site
Step 3:
Project structuring
Структурирование проекта
1. Search for a partner, "investment offer packaging"
2. Consulting for support measures
3. Attraction of borrowed funds/receipt of guarantee support
4. Business plan development
5. Assistance in administrative procedures

Step 4:
Project support
Сопровождение проекта
1. Review of the project by the Working Group under the council of investment climate improvement of the Samara Region, assignment of a mentor of the investment project from the part of the executive body
2. Conclusion of an investment memorandum
3. Inclusion in the list of strategic investment projects of the Samara Region
4. Tax exemption
5. Project promotion