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of an investment site
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Step 1.
Project concept
1. The agency supports the formation of your project concept
2. We provide information:
  • on investment potential of the Samara Region;
  • on measures of state support of investment projects;
  • on potential suppliers and consumers of products.
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Step 3.
Project structuring
1. Search for a partner, "investment offer packaging"
2. Consulting for support measures
3. Attraction of borrowed funds/receipt of guarantee support
4. Business plan development
5. Assistance in administrative procedures
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Step 4.
Project support
1. Review of the project by the Working Group under the council of investment climate improvement of the Samara Region, assignment of a mentor of the investment project from the part of the executive body
2. Conclusion of an investment memorandum
3. Inclusion in the list of strategic investment projects of the Samara Region
4. Tax exemption
5. Project promotion

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Инвестиционный портал городского округа Тольятти

На инвестиционном портале г.о. Тольятти размещена информация о возможностях финансирования инвестиционных проектов, налоговых льготах, инвестиционных площадках и иных преимуществах размещения производства на территории г.о. Тольятти.
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Government of the Samara Region

The Government of the Samara Region is an executive authority exercising general administration of the region. The relevant ministries and departments will be ready to provide comprehensive support to the Russian and international investors.
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Ministry of Economic Development and Investment of the Samara Region

The Ministry develops and implements the regional social and economic policy, identifies the economic mechanisms and methods of state influence on the economy. It is also responsible for investment, innovation, trade, and entrepreneurship.
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Information and Consulting Agency of the Samara Region

The Agency provides free information and consulting support to entrepreneurs, both experienced and beginners, in a variety of questions related to doing business.
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Innovative Fund of the Samara Region

The Innovation Fund is the regional institution supporting innovative entrepreneurship: it selects and develops prospective innovative projects of the regions and attracts financing for them.
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Regional Center of Development of Entrepreneurs of the Samara Region

The Center provides consulting support to the entrepreneurs in the questions related to set-up and organization of individual businesses. It also serves as the basis for the Export Support Center.
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Samara Region Development Corporation

Development Corporations represent one of the first national projects to create regional development institutions. The work of the corporation is aimed at promotion of investment projects of high priority for the Samara Region including infrastructural projects.
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Samara Region Guarantee Fund

The Samara Region Guarantee Fund assists the small and medium entrepreneurship subjects by providing guarantees, loans and micro-loans.
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Unified Portal for the Innovative Activities of the Samara Region

The Unified Portal of Investment Activities of the Samara Region assists entrepreneurs, both beginners and experienced, and investors, to organize and implement innovative projects and start-ups.
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Samara Region Nanotechnology Center

Holistic services for the nanotech startups, including preparation of project documentation, structuring of investment transactions, attraction of finance, accounting and legal services.
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Samara Region Venture Fund

Financing of investment projects in the scientific and technical sphere to be implemented in the small enterprises located in the Samara Region.
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Samara Region Center for Innovative Development and Cluster Initiatives

Comprehensive engineering and consulting services in the design and modernization of products, access to high-tech equipment and specialized software.
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Samara Region Leasing Company for Small and Medium Businesses

Favorable conditions of leasing for the small and medium businesses to procure specialized equipment, commercial transport and production equipment.
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Public Procedure Center “Business against Corruption” in the Samara Region

The Center reviews applications filed by representatives of business related to corruption and illegal takeovers and works on improvement of legislation and protection of entrepreneurs’ rights.
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Togliatti Economic Development Agency

Assistance and support in the establishment of SMBs in Togliatti, financial and consulting support to enterprises, organization of training sessions and workshops for entrepreneurs.
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“You are an Entrepreneur” Federal Program

The program “You are an Entrepreneur” in the Samara Region focuses on supporting beginner businessmen; it provides knowledge on different directions of business in its regular seminars; at assists in formalizing a business idea and starting up the business.
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Investment Map of Samara and the Samara Region, together with the Investment Portal of the Samara Region is a unique project created for the presentation of the investment potential of the Samara Region on the Internet. With its help, domestic and foreign investors, as well as other interested parties can obtain free access to relevant information on the investment, infrastructure and resource potential of the region.

In addition to the large amount of relevant information about the investment potential of the region, Investment Map of the Samara Region and Samara has convenient search tools that will help a potential investor to carry out selection of suitable sites for investments, land plots for production independently, and information layers will familiarize them with the surrounding infrastructure, allowing to estimate the distance to the railways and roads, power grids, social and cultural facilities. New entrepreneurs are able to select the appropriate infrastructure platforms for their activities and obtain the necessary government support.

The Samara Region has already been chosen by investors from more than 100 countries who use its investment potential to develop their business. We propose you to follow their success and have a look at our region using the Investment Map of Samara and the Samara Region.

Welcome to the Samara Region!

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