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Results of the social and economic development of the Samara Region under the section “Foreign trade activities” for 2015

During 2015 the foreign trade turnover of the Samara Region amounted to 8,185.6 billion US dollars and decreased by 32.5% as compared to 2014. Exports decreased by 31.2% and amounted to 6,024.3 billion US dollars, while imports decreased by 35.9% and amounted to 2,161.2 billion US dollars.

The share of foreign trade turnover of the Samara Region in the foreign trade of the Volga Federal District amounted to 17.4%.
The goods turnover of the Samara Region with foreign countries amounted to 6,707.0 million US dollars in 2015, which is 3,521.1 million US dollars less as compared to 2014 (-34.4%).

The foreign trade turnover with the CIS countries amounted to 1,478.6 billion US dollars in 2015. The turnover decreased by 424.4 million US dollars as compared to 2014 (-22.3%).

Same as before, the foreign trade of the Samara Region is characterized by raw material export orientation – it is dominated by mineral products (oil, gasoline, etc.), occupying more than half of total supplies. The share of high-tech exports does not exceed 10%, with industrial equipment, ground transport and electrical equipment forming its base.


Same as before, the significant share in exports of the Samara Region is taken by the mineral products (about 60%) and chemical products (25%).

The largest volume of exports is focused on such countries as Latvia (20.2%); Ukraine (20.0%); Mongolia (9.9%); the Netherlands (7.4%); Italy (4.5%); China (4.1%); Turkey (3.3%); the United States (2.0%); Poland (2.0%); Malta (2.0%); Finland (1.9%); Germany (1.8%); Belgium (1.4%); Lithuania (1.4%); India (1.3%); Bahamas (1.2%); Kyrgyzstan (1.2%).


The import structure is sufficiently stable. Upgrade of the Samara industries involves a high proportion of imports of equipment and raw materials, necessary for the production.

As for the country direction of imports, it should be noted that it is dominated by the “traditional” equipment suppliers – Romania (18.4%); Germany (16.6%); China (11.5%); Korea (8.4%); Italy (4.9%); Japan (4.0%); Turkey (3.9%); France (3.8%); Czech Republic (2.4%); the United States (2.0%); Ukraine (1.8%); Poland (1.8%); Spain (1.7%); the United Kingdom (1.3%); the Netherlands (1.3%); Belgium (1.2%).

The country structure of foreign trade

Trading partners of the Samara Region in the reporting period were 126 countries, including 113 in exports and 97 in imports.