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    443532, Samara region., Volzhsky area s.Preobrazhenka, Promyshlennaya, 1-A

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    Bavykin Oleg - CEO Gushchin Andrey - Commercial Director Levitskaya Elena - Marketing Manager 87271897 - ICQ Babukhin Alexander - Head of Commercial Department 373128995 - ICQ Naumov Alexey Y. - Regional Manager 389040217 - ICQ Natalia Naumova - customer support, delivery

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    Samara plant laminates - manufacturer postformed decorative laminates «Arcobaleno», used in wall tops, facades, wall panels, doors, window sills, interior decoration and transport. Plastic «Arcobaleno» produced in Samara on the modern equipment of the company Hymmen (Germany) technology continuous extrusion (CPL) using raw materials from leading European suppliers. The products meet all Russian standards. At the moment our collection of over 100 decors in standard warehouse program (background, wood, stone, metallics, fancy colors). We offer a variety of surface texture: crystal, wood pores, microlines, stone satin. Possible thickness of the plastic - from 0.2 to 1.2 mm. Products produced in sheets or rolls. We are interested in new partners and are ready to provide maximum comfort while working with us. Our support includes the regional manager assigned to your company, which solves any operational issues, technological support (selection and optimization of plastic bonding and postforming equipment allowing for the Partner with the departure of our technologies, technological advice and recommendations). Service to work with customers to provide timely delivery of products to your warehouse. The pricing policy is aimed at the interests of the parties, and allows flexibility in the formation of individual prices.

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    Manufacture of other articles of paper and paperboard

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    The territory of the CIS

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    n / a

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    Decorative laminates «Arcobaleno»