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The participants of foreign economic activity

JSC "RCC" Progress "

  • City:


  • Address:

    Samara region, Samara, 443009, st. Zemetsa,18

  • Contacts:

    (846) 955-13-61; (846) 992-65-18;; E-mail:

  • CEO:

    Kirilin Alexander

  • History of the company:

    In the 1940s the factory "Dux" for the production of bicycles, motorcycles, trolleys, cars, snowmobiles, airships, airplanes were evacuated from Moscow to Kuibyshev (Samara). At its base were created Il-2 jets MiG-9, MiG-15 heavy bombers IL-28, Tu-16 and other aircraft. After World War II, the company reclassified the Rocket and Space, and since 1958 has been produced and launched more than 1,840 rockets.

  • Description of RCEA:

    Research and development on natural sciences and engineering

  • INN:


  • RCEA:


  • Activities directions:

     Space activities (development and production of space technology, space-rocket systems, remote sensing); Starting and managing the flight of space objects; Carrying out research and experiments with the use of space technology; organization, coordination and carrying out research, development and engineering works; International cooperation in the exploration and use of outer space.

  • Export countries:

    France, Germany, Niderlandы, Italy

  • Planned export countries:

    Member countries of the BRICS

  • Foreign capital:


  • Projects:

    November 7, 2003 Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the French Republic on a long-term cooperation in the development and use of rockets and placing the carrier rocket "Soyuz-ST" to the Guiana Space Center.

  • Products and services:

    Rocket "Soyuz-2" Phase 1A, Phase 1B Phase 1B "Soyuz-ST", "Soyuz-FG", "Soyuz-U"; spacecraft remote sensing "Resurs-P"; spacecraft scientific purposes "Bion-M", "Foton-M" small spacecraft "AIST"; removing blocks "Volga" and "Icarus"; Water and aircraft. Providing services for the launch of the spacecraft, passing the launch of small satellites, giving the spacecraft for research in space, thematic processing of Earth remote sensing data.