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OJSC Aviation Plant "Aviacor"

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    Samara, Samara, 443052, st. Zemetsa 32

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     +7 (846) 3720966  +7 (846) 9777666 Division of property (for shareholders) Lazareva Svetlana - Head of Department (846) 267-35-32 (,), (846) 372-09-36, (no) El. mail:

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    Aircraft Factory number 18 was evacuated to Kuibyshev (now Samara) from Voronezh in the summer of 1941 (after the start of the Great Patriotic War). On the evacuation of the plant enough for 35 days. During the war, the Samara plant has produced more than 15 thousand. Planes, Il-2, more than 36 thousand. Built in the Soviet Union, thus IL-2 to this day remains the most numerous combat aircraft in history. During the war, the plant (as in many plants of the USSR) was widely used work of women, children, seniors and people with disabilities. However, the plant initially lagged behind the required rate of release of the aircraft and to the Directors of the Kuibyshev Aviation Plant number 1 and number 18 a telegram Stalin: You have brought our country and our Red Army pt You do not happen to still produce IL-2 pt IL-2 needs of our Red Army is now the air as bread pt Shenkman gives one IL-2 per day and the Tretyakov gives MIG-3 one two pieces pt This is a mockery of the country over Red Army pt We need not MIGs and IL-2 pt If 18 plant thinks otbrehnutsya from country giving one IL-2 per day is sadly mistaken and will suffer for it punishment pt I ask you not to be the government of patience and demand to release more "IL 's the last time I warn pt pt STALIN Soon, the required rate of release of the aircraft has been reached. The activities of the plant during the war became the prototype for the feature film "Particularly important task" shot "Mosfilm" in 1979. In 1944-1949 he produced Il-10. In 1957-1958 the plant built 50 Tu-95 and Tu-95M (part of them - in versions nuclear weapons carriers Tu-95A and Tu-95MA), then switched to production modification of the Tu-95K (missile). In mid-1960 release of the Tu-95K was discontinued. From 1961 to 1965 the factory produced long-haul passenger aircraft Tu-114, built upon a strategic bomber Tu-95. Since the mid-1960s, the factory began to produce civilian aircraft Tu-154 (commercially - from 1968). The vast majority of these aircraft (more than a thousand planes) that form the basis of Civil Aviation of the USSR and Russia from the 1970s to the early 2000s, it was produced at the plant. In 1968-1972 years the factory produced antisubmarine aircraft Tu-142. In total, the plant produced 18, Tu-142, including the first three number 4200, 4201, 4202. In 1973, MAP has decided to transfer production of the Tu-142 to the factory number 86 in the city of Taganrog. At the end of 1970 on the basis of long-range anti-aircraft Tu-142M was a new strategic bomber Tu-95MS, which became the basis of long-range aviation of the Armed Forces of the USSR. In 1981, in parallel with the release of passenger Tu-154, the plant began mass production of the aircraft. In the early 1990s, it has been fully formed four regiments of strategic bombers as part of the 37th VA SHAPE (CH). Serial production of Tu-95MS was completed in 1992 (a total of 90 aircraft produced). Testing of aircraft, manufactured and repaired the plant, since 1941 and to this day are made at the airport Bezymyanka. In the 1990s, orders for new domestic airplanes fell sharply; In addition, in 1995 the administration of the plant has stopped cooperation with CB "Tupolev", making it impossible to part of the plant in the manufacture of Tu-204 and Tu-214. In 1995-1998 the plant is not built a single aircraft. [2] From 1999 to 2005 the factory built aircraft 5 (4 Tu-154 and An-140 1). The number of employees has decreased from 25 thousand to 6.5 million in 2000 and slightly more than 3200 in 2005. In 2005-2007, the plant resumed production: received orders for several more Tu-154, began the assembly of the new 50-seat regional aircraft An-140. From the military ordered the Tu-154 factory produced one in 2010 [5] and one in 2012 [6].

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    Production of helicopters, airplanes and other flying machines

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    aircraft An-140, Tu-154

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    CIS, Eastern Europe, Middle East

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    AN-140, Tu-154