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OJSC "Cottage"

  • City:

    Krasnoyarsk region, p.g.t. Novosemeykino

  • Address:

    446379, Samara region., Krasnoyarsk district, 6th km bypass road Samara №1

  • Contacts:

    (846)276-87-09, (846) 276-87-77,http://газобетон,,

  • CEO:

    Peter V. Gorin

  • History of the company:

    At the end of the 80s Kuibyshev regional party committee in order to increase capacity in the area of ​​the missing construction enterprises was decided to build one more house-building plant - DSC-2. When choosing a site for construction was considered three options: to Zubchanikovke in tragus and n. Vodin Krasnoyarsk region. Third option was chosen, because required large excavation area under construction: in the construction of the DSC-2 included, in addition to the efficiency of the plant, another plant of aerated concrete and brick factory.            By the early 90s, it became clear that to continue the construction of the DSC-2 because of the lack of funding is not possible, and the construction was frozen. The construction of the plant cellular concrete and design continued. Based on the positive decision of the Board expert technical review of energy resources together with Minyugstroem USSR Kuibyshev Oblast Executive Committee and TCO "Kuybyshevstroy" Neftestroy Institute in 1989 he began to design technologies of cellular concrete. By this time it came from the German equipment by "Yutong" on the basis of the contract № 55-12 / 90078-142 from 26.04.1989g. Minyugstroem between the USSR and the Council.     During the period from 1989 to 1991, construction of the plant cellular concrete has been basically completed. Were built the main building, the size of the finished product warehouse 2h18h180 m sand storage silos with a capacity of 868m3 node control screening, storage lime capacitive type with a capacity of 416m3 Department of grinding, cement and plaster storage capacity of 720t, and others. In 1991, in connection with the collapse of the USSR funding was terminated and suspended construction of the plant. The resulting imported equipment lying dead weight on the stock. To revive the construction of the plant cellular concrete was only in 1993. Based on the Management of Construction construction enterprises was formed Joint Stock Company "cottage", which has managed to finance the installation of production equipment and conduct pre-commissioning. The shareholders of OJSC "cottage" become Naftasib, the administration of the Samara region in the face of the State Property Committee, Gazprom, Samaraavtotrans, ON "Kuybyshevneft" and others. Installation of technological equipment of the plant and commissioning were carried out by the German "Yutong" and the Yugoslav firm "Poti". On the Russian side in these studies involved trusts Promstroy №25, Neftihimmontazh, Santehmontazh and others.       In October 1996, it was signed the act of the state commission on acceptance of the plant. In the same year the factory in start-up mode, issued 7 189m3 of cellular concrete products and in 1997, 27 890m3. Then, each year increasing its power capacity reached 120 000m3. In 2012 it was made a partial re-plant, allowing to produce products with high energy-saving properties. In 2013, the number of modernized production areas, increased productivity of up to 200 000 m3 of aerated concrete products and 5, 000 tons of dry mixes. In 2014, re-produced steam power site in order to increase the release of reinforced cellular concrete products in 2 times. Currently, Public Joint Stock Company "Plant for the production of products from cellular concrete" cottage "is the largest taxpayer in the Krasnoyarsk region of Samara region.

  • Description of RCEA:

    Manufacture of concrete products for construction

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    n / a

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  • Products and services:

    Building blocks Partitions density of 600 kg / m3, Blocks lintels reinforced, Dry mixes.