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LLC "Tolyattikachuk"

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  • Address:

    445007, Togliatti, ul.Novozavodskaya 8

  • Contacts:

    Тел.: +7 (8482) 369-000 Тел.: Справочная +7 (8482) 36-91-09 Тел.: Кадровая служба +7 (8482) 36-90-16, 36-94-02 Факс: +7 (8482) 70-15-18,, Тел.: +7 (8482) 36-93-13 E-mail: E-mail:, E-mail:

  • CEO:

    Morozov Yuri V.

  • History of the company:

    Togliatti industrial site SIBUR is represented by two companies - a service management company OJSC "Tolyattisintez" and one of the largest holding companies for the production of synthetic rubber, monomer fractions and high-octane additives to gasoline LLC "Togliattikauchuk." "Togliattikauchuk" was founded on July 1 1999 on the basis of the enterprise "Sintezkauchuk" - the largest proizvoditelyasinteticheskogo rubber in the Soviet Union. Yong company produces three types of rubber: butyl rubber, isoprene rubber and copolymer - as well as monomers and high-octane fraction of a gasoline additive. Since 1982, the company launched production of butyl rubber. It was the world's first butyl rubber produced by a unique mortar tehnolorgii. In 1999, the company reogrganizovanno LLC "Togliattikauchuk." Since January 2001, it is part of the largest petrochemical holding Sibur, which quickly resolves the issue starts with raw materials and active adjustment of the production process. Resumes all industries. In 2002, the company took 3rd place in Russia by the volume of produced rubbers. In 2003, two rubber stamps Togliatti - SKMS 30 ARKM-15 and SKI-3 - have been selected as the official standlartnogo sample. And for the past 10 years, the products "Togliattikauchuk", including isoprene and a copolymer rubber and butyl rubber, is a model of quality for all enterprises neftehimicheskogy industry in Russia. In 2014 Togliattikauchuk reached the maximum production of butyl rubber in the history of the company by issuing one million tons of butyl rubber. In 2014 it was recorded record volume for the production of MTBE - 72.6 thousand tons. In 2015, Togliatti area started a project to increase the capacity of production of MTBE, which will be the basis for building a new plant with a capacity of 60 thousand tons per year. Since 2014 platform developed in the format of the Industrial Park.

  • Description of RCEA:

    Production of synthetic rubber

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  • Activities directions:

    Production of petrochemical products

  • Export countries:

    Kazakhstan, Turkey, China, USA, Ukraine, Peru, Belorussiya, Canada, Malaysia, Vyetnam, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Brazil, Germany, Thailand, Indonesia, India, the Czech Republic, Polysha, Korea, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Spain, Pakistan.

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  • Products and services:

    synthetic rubbers (SKMS, Ivory Coast, SKI, BC), isoprene high-octane additive matanolnaya (DVM), methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE).