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    445024, Samara region, Tolyatti, South Highway 36

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    Andersson Bo Inge

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    April 5, 1966. Soviet Prime Minister Alexei Kosygin made a presentation "Directive 23 Congress of the CPSU on the Five-Year Economic Development Plan for 1966-1970.", Which was first told about the need to build a new Soviet car factory. April was marked by the beginning of cooperation with company "Fiat" (from April 15 to May 7) in the form of work in Turin (Italy), the Interdepartmental Commission of the Soviet Union. Vyrabotkaosnovnyh cooperation provisions, the composition of the intended plant, timing of works, legal and financial relationships. Signed May 4 protocol "On cooperation in the field of car design, automotive design and construction of the plant in the USSR." Interbank signed a loan agreement between Vneshtorgbank and the Bank "Instituto Mobiliare Italiano" to pay for the supply of equipment. In June of storoitelstve car factory in Kuibyshev region was first mentioned printed media Togliatti. The final decision on the construction in the city of Togliatti automobile plant was accepted by the Central Committee and the Council of Ministers N 558 in July. August 12 Minavtoproma Commission under the leadership of Chief of the production of cars and buses, a member of the board of the Ministry N.F.Grinchara chose the site for the construction of car plant near the village of Russian Borkovka Stavropol region, 20 kilometers from the city of Togliatti. August 15 the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Joint Stock Company "Fiat" (Turin, Italy) signed a general agreement on cooperation in the field of car design, automotive design and construction of the plant in the USSR. Validity of the General Agreement - 8 years. September 8, Deputy Minister of the automotive industry of the USSR V.N.Polyakov appointed CEO being built car factory in Togliatti. The official date of the beginning of the construction of objects VAZ considered September 11, when Mechanizers CSC brought to the construction site of the first cars. At the construction site employed more than 100 people. 1968. Since the beginning of the year started to supply imported equipment at the plant. And in early February began operational testing of cars VAZ-2101 on tracks The end of the summer and all the autumn held the All-Union competition for the best name for the new car After summarizing among the 100 options was chosen the name "Zhiguli." In January 1970 it was released the first trial batch of VAZ trademark. From 1967 to January 1, 1970 at the construction site of VAZ were delivered 288,000 tons of metal, 66,428 tons of gas and welded pipe, 260,090 cubic meters of lumber, 826,700 tons of cement, 1.769 million square meters of glass, 1,316,000 precast reinforced concrete 69,100 square meters of foam. In 1976 it made the first pilot batch of VAZ-2121 in an amount of 50 shtuk.Nachalsya new model - the car VAZ-2106 March 11, 1982 on the main conveyor AvtoVAZ assembled the first production car VAZ-2107. September 16 the same year at the "small" in the conveyor housing 062 UPC AvtoVAZ assembled VAZ-2121 "Niva". In December 1984, taken into operation a new complex for the production of front wheel drive cars VAZ-2108. January 5, 1993 on the basis of the companies belonging to the association Volga passenger car production (production association "AvtoVAZ") established open joint stock company - OJSC "AVTOVAZ". In March, introduced production capacity of 5,000 cars "Oka" in the year 4000 and VAZ-21213 - VAZ-21216.V June started production of the armored car VAZ-2121 to serve the banks. The first companies in the country AvtoVAZ began to produce and disseminate their own bonds (September 1993goda). In October 1993, on the instructions of the Director-General begins drafting of the VAZ-1116. October 11 issued an order "About the beginning of the industrial production of cars equipped with fuel injection system." October 21 was assembled car "Zhiguli" VAZ-21093 model. In October, the treaty was signed between the management of the organization of production of OJSC "AVTOVAZ" research center "Cosmo" and the English association "Komofon" to provide international telecommunications services to subscribers of AvtoVAZ. December 2 1993goda. Created pension fund "participation" for the implementation of supplementary pension provision of employees of OJSC "AVTOVAZ". In January 2003, begins mass production of the car "Chevrolet Niva". At a meeting of the Economic Council of Directors of automotive enterprises of the Volga Federal District signed the founding documents for the establishment of the Union of Russian Automakers, which includes OJSC "Severstal-Auto" OJSC "AVTOVAZ", "KAMAZ" and LLC "RusPromAvto." In May 2005, it launched a Lada Kalina car through the official dealer network "AVTOVAZ" 31 August of 2005 with the main conveyor AvtoVAZ went down 23 million car - Lada 110 silver-beige ("Nefertiti") to complete "suite" with a 16-valve engine capacity of 1.6 liters. According to the organizers of the study "The most valuable Russian brands" - an international consulting company Interbrand Group and the Association of Managers of Russia October 2005, the value of the brand LADA ("Harmony"), which is owned by AvtoVAZ is 38 mln. US dollars.

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    Production of passenger  cars

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    CIS, Eastern and Western Europe, Middle East

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